Full Moon Brotherhood ability & Ancestors Spirit

Full Moon Brotherhood ability is used to target an Ancestors Spirit in play. Amungst other affects, the noon ability say;
“If that dude leaves play, either draw two cards or gain 2 ghost rock.”

Ancestors Spirit says
Remove this token from the game if it leaves this location, or at the end of the turn.

Rules quote: Unless otherwise noted, the effects of Noon abilities last through the end of the Sundown phase.

Since the ability lasts ‘through the end of the sundown phase’, and Ancestors Spirits are removed ‘at the end of the sundown phase’, will Full moon Brotherhood abilities last sentence be activated when Ancestors Spirit removes itself?

Thanks for the question Jay, here’s the first line of Full Moon Brotherhood though:

Noon, Boot: Choose an opposing non-token dude

The Ancestor Spirit would not be a legal target for the action.

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thanks, I missed that.