Fun Decks (Janky Ideas)

With all the talk of competitive build and what not. I was thinking of building janky fun deck. Wanting to hear what everyone else is wanting to build or has build just to break away and explore. My three decks I have been working on are the teleportation device using puppet out of Morgan, A deck using incubation, pistol whips, Flight of Lepus and Wendy out of Law dogs, and a Sloane using pistol whips, Flights and resolution action to prevent opponent from opposing jobs. What is every one else trying to work on in the fun deck area.

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No specific cards, but I was debating making a Mad Science Straight Flush (Hearts) deck.

It’s not been a huge priority, so I haven’t thought much more than “Wouldn’t it be great if I could use Kings and Queens?”

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My dream is to make an aggressive Lillian deck with “…It’s who you know” and “Mirror Mirror”. Other spells for flavor, especially “Paralysis Mark” to force them to accept the Who You Know call-out. It would probably lose on the spot if Lillian is aced or discarded.


I’m a big wrestling fan so I often name my decks after wrestling moves or nick-names.

Bionic Lariat

Morgan Gadgetorium

Starting with 6 wealth, 1 income and 4 influence
52 cards with printed value (required 52)
Cards up to Frontier Justice
:spades: Spades (* starting posse) (12)

1x A Irving Patterson*
1x A William Specks*
1x 4 Howard Aswell*
1x 5 Chuān “Jen” Qí*
1x 8 Jon Longstride
1x 8 Lane Healey
1x 9 Arvid Mardh
1x 9 Mario Crane
1x 9 Jarrett Blake
1x 10 Lane Healey (Exp.1)
1x J Rémy Lapointe
1x Q Max Baine
:clubs: Clubs (15)

2x 6 Horse Wranglin’
2x 7 Run ‘em Down!
2x 8 Ridden Down
2x 8 This’ll Hurt in the Mornin’
2x 9 Cheatin’ Varmint
2x 10 Unprepared
1x J Flight of the Lepus
2x Q It’s Not What You Know…
:diamonds: Diamonds (12)

1x 7 Blake Ranch
1x 7 Cattle Market
1x 8 Circle M Ranch
1x 9 Morgan Research Institute
1x 9 Bunkhouse
1x 9 Surveyor’s Office
1x 10 Carter’s Bounties
1x 10 Baird’s Build and Loan
1x J Jackson’s Strike
1x J California Tax Office
1x Q General Store
1x Q St. Anthony’s Chapel
:heart: Hearts (13)

2x 7 Pinto
2x 7 Auto-Revolver
1x 8 Flame-Thrower
2x 8 Force Field
3x 9 Mechanical Horse
2x Q Bio-Charged Neutralizer
1x K Auto Cattle-Feeder

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i’ve been toying with a dude slide deck, but I don’t think there is a strong enough card base for it. The problem is economy, since I have very little income dudes must be cheap, and have no upkeep (that or be one turn wonders like Steven Wiles). Having influence is important as well to prevent losing and control opponents deeds. Been fiddling around with having nicodemus and bunkhouse to push a win condition.
I’ve considered Desolation row for economy and control points on wanted lvl 4 dudes.

Also love me the idea of Phantasm and Whately Estates. Really want to make a clowntrol deck that incorporates that, and a way of guarantee acing the dudes.

Here’s an aggressive Lillian deck I threw together a while ago. I haven’t actually gotten round to playing it yet.

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