Further Ol' Howard and Hustled

In my last question about Ol’ Howard and Hustled you answered

“So in the Hustled + Ol’ Howard case, Ol’ Howard ceased to be a dude, and thus cannot gain bounty or become wanted.”

Does this mean that I can play Hustled on Ol’ Howard while he is attached to a deed, and I can boot an opposing dude at that deed and gain 2 ghost rock, and Ol’ Howard simply doesn’t gain bounty? Or is the adding of bounty something that must be performed?


Great follow up question :slight_smile:

That scenario wouldn’t work because the Requirement Clause (in bold) on Hustled is: Boot your Grifter and increase their bounty by 1 to gain 2 ghost rock.

Since you can’t do the ‘increase their bounty by 1’ part, the requirement clause cannot be fulfilled, which prevents Hustled from being played on Ol’ Howard.

You would need to have a separate Grifter that: 1) can be booted, and 2) be able to have their bounty increased. You’re absolutely right, the adding of bounty is something that must be performed.

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