Gadgets, No Clubs?

So I’m working on my Morgan Gadgetorium deck and I built a deck with no clubs, but was thinking maybe of putting in 2-3 “Testing Range” for a couple of “It’s not what you know…” Do you think its worth it? I am starting Elander Boldman and using 3 Asyncoil Guns. I just noticed Elanders ability would still discard the the dude as Testing Range is only for and experimental card. For cards against cheatin’ Rich Man’s Guard Dog and Quickdraw handgun are pretty good. With Quickdraw the problem is too many weapons and it compeats with Forcefield and Flamethrower. Which is why I had to drop the flamethowers for Bio-charged Neutralizer even though it cant be traded, great to put on Elander Boldman as long as you have another mad scientist. Does Remy Lapointe max out at 5stud even with a weapon? Having a scientist with “Marty” and “Forcefield” seems pretty good as you can use him for a casualty. The deck goes for straight Flushes or a full house.

Anybody else have experience with a Gadget no clubs deck?

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I’ll try and get the updated version posted but this was the base for my clubless:


Not strictly clubless, but these have done varying degrees of well in the past:

The closest I came to Clubless. It’s a bit older, but there’s a fair bit that is still useful.

Two takes on a similar deck, 10 clubs, but an Analytical Cognisizer to help out:

(this one has a write up of its tournament play, which you might find useful)

(This was the latest iteration)

So looks like clubless decks are good, also fun to play. Stud dudes can quickly get very big and nasty. Who would want to mess with them, unless they have some action card trickery. Straight flushes in spades or hearts seems pretty good. Winning lowball can be a problem, I seem to always get at least a pair.

I dont play tournaments yet, getting a bunch of the new stuff soon.

With my Morgan Gadgetorium my starters are Elander Boldman, Nicholas Kramer, Arnold Stewart, and Luke the errand Boy. Not much influence and not much ghost rock left over, but it seems ok with no upkeep. I had to include a couple “The Wretched” in the deck, I am hoping Harold Aimslee can dig em out of the discard pile. I am running kings with Secured Stockyard and Rich Man’s guard dog for cheatin.

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Lots of thoughts here, but I’ll try to not write a book!

Clubless can be fun to play, but there are most certainly downsides, for instance:

I would say straight flush (SF) in spades or hearts is very tricky, and therefore easy to make “not good”. Unlike most clubs, when you play your dudes or goods, you’re often lessening the strength of your draw structure as they remain on the board. If you have 4 of each hearts in 6 though K, for instance, if you play out 2-3 of your 10 of hearts, your chance for a SF goes waaaay down. These decks can do much better with regular flushes, but the SF can be very tricky, and thats often where cards like Decimator Array come in to help.

If we’re talking clubless gadgets, cheatin punishment is a problem. In your first post, [quote=“SixStringSamurai, post:1, topic:4522”]
was thinking maybe of putting in 2-3 “Testing Range” for a couple of “It’s not what you know…”

I think slipping in a couple of club cheatin resolutions is a good idea, and unless your tolerance for risk is extremely low, one testing range would probably be enough. Unless you are playing Lacy, you can keep those clubs in your hand whenever you see them, and you can see whats in your discard, and generally be pretty safe. Ricochet is also another great option for one or two of as surprise cheatin res.

The best part is if your opponent sees one of those cheatin res in lowball or discard, they will be scared of cheating even if they know you are almost entirely clubless and have nothing on the board. (A wise opponent may simply try to “cheat through the pain” though and draw out what’s in your hand if they know you are very limited on cheatin’ res)

From the compendium/faq: “His ability cannot raise his bullet rating above 5, even if he has bonuses from other
sources such as Weapons.”

One last no club gadget option that I didn’t see posted yet is an entirely draw-structure-less (no draw structure, cannot win shootouts via traditional poker hands) one. You can either go a pure slide method, where you just try to overwhelm them with control points, or one that utilizes cards like asyncoil and force field, optionally with harrowed dudes so that you take no actual casualties, such as this one that I took the latest Gencon Marshal event with: Asyncronized Swimming - 1st Place 2021 Gencon Marshal · DoomtownDB

No draw structure whatsoever, but can still “win” shootouts via asyncoil gun and/or forcefield + sidekicks or harrowed dudes. Part of the beauty of this game, there are many ways to “win” shootouts without pulling a high poker hand from your deck!

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Nice , no clubs took the last Gencon Marshall event, cool deck.

Is Decimator Array banned? I didnt let me use it in my Doomtown online deck. Can the deck win without the Decimator?

No Jokers eh, ya I seem to get them in my hand alot, but they seem worth it to me because they can help your draw hand. Denise Branchini is a nice cheap stud dude to get the jokers back, nice if you have a short stacked deck and you know a jokers coming.

I’m going to test the Testing range.

Correct, Decimator Array is banned from Organized Play and is being replaced with See-Through Spectacles in WWE, which you can use right now on DTO.

Adding a couple clubs in a “clubless” deck is akin to adding a couple low value spells in a huckster deck.

A risk I am usually willing to take is to add 2 (or so) “off value” cards whose reward is worth their risk.

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Yeah, if you’re trying to make good hands in shootouts, jokers are a must. Not only do they help in lowball, since you have a draw structure and can get high lowball hands, but obviously help in shootouts too.

A note on Denise Branchini: she only helps bring back opponents jokers, or rather, everybody in the game except you. Still a great card, and one I love using, but it has some downsides to even out that otherwise very cheap stud power.

*Forgot to add that I think the deck would work ok without decimator arrays, as they are there almost exclusively for the +1 influence and potential -1 upkeep. However, with the new WWE edition, I’m sure the entire deck I posted would no longer be viable at all. Too many pieces removed or changed… which is a good thing! Onto newer and different things!

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