Gen Con 2017 Organized Play

Hello Community,
Trying to organize my Gen Con here, and of course that will largely be around trying to attend every Doomtown Event possible, Reloaded as well as Classic, even these secret Bicycle Multi-player tourneys I’ve heard rumors about…

So, who’s hosting what when?


We’ve applied for some events at GenCon. They aren’t large. But we are running 2 of them. And there will be a whole bunch of community events like last year.


Grand news.

In an unusually rash move (but typical of my shootout focused Doomtown playstyle at least!) I’ve just booked flights, a hotel and got my badge.

I look forward to putting faces to various online names. :slight_smile:

A couple of Doomtown events will hopefully leave me plenty of time for L5R, Arkham Horror and wandering around gaping at the scale of everything…


Great to hear! We’ll be posting the GenCon events when the catalogue goes live to the public on May 28th. We are also communicating with hosts of the nightly community events as well to make sure everyone knows when and where their fellow Doomies will be.