Gen Con 2022 Full Pine Box Entertainment Schedule

Kilroy’s Annual Revolver Social & Hog Killin’ Time: Wednesday, August 3, 2022, 3pm/7pm

Join us for the annual gathering at Kilroys at 3pm on Wednesday for a first look at 7th Sea: City of Five Sails and Doomtown: Weird West Edition! Receive some free promos and join us for rounds of Doomtown in Revolver format (bring one deck from each faction). This will be followed by the 7pm: HogKillin Time gathering at the Hilton (location TBD)

Thursday & Friday: Doomtown: Weird West Edition and 7th Sea: City of Five Sails Demoes (in card hall)

Thursday, August 4, 2022, 12pm: Doomtown Legends of the Weird West

Doomtown players will face off in a legendary confrontation of Legends. Your deck must include one of the following cards: Ezekiah Grimme, Jasper Stone, Darius Hellstromme, Raven, Andrew Lane, Lacy O’Malley, Hank Ketchum, or Doc Holliday! Elimination rounds after swiss pairings will feature the player that placed best with the use of each Legend (after 3 rounds) with forced pairings of Good v. Evil to effect the storyline fiction!

Friday, August 5, 2022: 12pm: Doomtown Marshal Badge World Championship

Doomtown (previously known as Doomtown: Reloaded) continues the tradition of the Marshal event as we celebrate the Weird West Edition release with this 2022 Badge round-up. The winner of this event, following the previous years, will work with design to create a personality that will appear in an upcoming release. The rulebook, floor rules, errata, and FAQ can all be found at Top 8 will take place on Sunday.

Saturday, August 6, 2022: 10am: 7th Sea City of Five Sails Inaugural Storyline Release Event: Duelist’s Pride

All participants receive a copy of the game (Starter Deck, City Deck) before the start of Round 1. The starter decks will be used. Players will have time to review their chosen starter deck before round 1 begins. Prizes will be provided and the grand prize includes the decision to determine the fate of one of the Nation Leaders as reflected in upcoming expansions and set releases. Please visit to familiarize yourself with the game prior to the event. Players will go through 5 rounds of swiss pairings. The Top 8 players will play off in elimination rounds that will take place on Sunday.

Saturday, August 6, 2022: 5pm: Retro Event for the Original 7th Sea

This event will run 4 rounds plus a final confrontation round. The winner of the event will choose a card from the original AEG 7th Sea collectible card game to be reimagined in the 7th Sea: City of Five Sails card game. Generous prizes for all attendees. Format: All AEG cards thru Parting Shot Plus 3 printable cards included from the upcoming fan set will be legal. Kheired-Din will be errata’d to 7 Starting Wealth for this event Proxies permitted and additional decks available to lend for anyone interested. All expansions through Parting Shot, released in 2002, will be legal for this event. All players will be provided with 3 new cards/errata for this event specifically.


Sounds like a super fun event!
I wish this was up here in Canada at heritage town Fort Steele. Ooo ya, with a Sam Steele promo card for everyone. Hmm maybe I could put on an event here myself someday, I just gotta get everyone hooked on Doomtown.

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I wonder if that is anywhere near @DeputyWay that he couldn’t help wrangle a posse

Alas, that is almost the exact opposite end of the country from me! (Comparison: Portland OR vs. Portland ME).

That’s not to say I wouldn’t be up fer a little road trip, mind you…

(From a lore perspective, I’ve been thinkin’ that there’s plenty o’ room for history and horror on the high plains of Canada, too… )

Oh ya hop on your horse (mechanical?) come see the old town of Frank. They were digging for ghostrock when a 90 million ton wall split from Turtle Mountain buryin the town. I’m pretty sure Little Mountain told em not to dig there.

Lots of old Forts towns to see Fort Macleod the first outpost of the British Northwest.

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There will be 5 new Doomtown promos at GenCon this year and 2 for 7th Sea.
The 7th Sea ones will be add ons and early birds for the KS
The Doomtown ones will be at other conventions and later availability tbd


double checking this event versus what is on the genCon listing. GenCon listing says alternate format with new edition. This post mentions nothing about WWE - which is it?

(Forwarding the question from someone else - I obviously do not get to play - :frowning:

WWE Rules will be in effect but using Old Timer cards. We won’t be doing anything with proxies.

rules - not the numerous MRPs that I cut loose with?

Correct, that would require proxies.

Main Event is Old Timer all around including Rules.

For the 7th Sea Event:

“Out of the Ussuran District of Five Sails there is a tower of a man who is shrouded in mystery. Yevgeni the Boar arrived to the city as a force of nature, instantly influencing many in drastically different ways. His charisma draws many to his side, but few can claim to truly know the man. For our pre-release tournament at GenCon, each of the top players from each faction will get a vote. This vote will determine if Yevgeni will start to show signs of heroism or villainy as his story unfolds.”

The TableTop Simulator mod is now available to play 7th Sea: City of Five Sails! The Starter Decks in the mod will be used by players at GenCon to participate in the first ever Five Sails tournament followed by the Kickstarter coming Q3 2022!

Awesome! I just got the Tabletop Simulator, summer 50% off.
Cant wait to try it out with my bro.

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Gen Con location


Please Note for Round-Ups from the compendium updated 01/18/2022:
Section 2. Banned Cards
The following cards are banned from all official Doomtown tournaments:
➢ 108 Worldly Desires
➢ Showboating
➢ Decimator Array

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Tickets have increased to 72 for the 7th Sea tournament:


For those joining at Kilroys we have some blast from the past OP Kit 1 and Deputy 2015 prize support for Revolver
Games will continue past set time and at the Hilton
Format is simple, bring one deck of each faction and call folks out until you’ve played 6 games


Congratulations to Chase Causey, the final pre-Weird West Edition Doomtown GenCon Marshal Badge Championship winner with Law Dogs!!!


In flight report!