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So I’m going to be playing in a doomtown tournament for the first, and likely last time. Since it’s my first competitive event, or organized event even, is there anything to consider? Is there like things like side decks or general game etiquette (things like token use and clear positioning) I should consider?


There are no side decks in Doomtown. Being familiar with the rules and up-to-date on erratas is essential. Clear positioning of which dude is where and which cards/tokens are associated with which card is also an important thing to get right in terms of game etiquette. Other than that just being polite, courteous and a good sport is the way to go!

If you haven’t already, then check out the Composite Rulebook, FAQ and Tournament Floor Rules here.


Beyond doomdog’ fine advice, have fun and let people know it is your first tournament. European doomtown players are pretty laid back and fun, sure US players are the same (plus there might be some international guests!). Don’t be afraid to ask questions and check things, everyone will be welcoming.


I’ll be part of the AEG Doomtown:Reloaded events team.

  1. Opaque sleeve your deck (AEG’s print QA leaves a lot to be desired across print runs)
  2. use red/blue chips for influence/control or if you are REALLY comfortable with it, dice.
  3. what they said - have FUN.

If you don’t have an official ticket, bring generics. We have 84 slots and so far, a couple of dozen signups for each event Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024

Generics accepted - just be on time and ready to play.
Don’t let the Marshal title scare you off - it’s a great way to play more doomtown. And for both Sheriff (Thus/Fri) and Marshal (Saturday w/ cut to finals for Sunday), we have TONS of swag to give away from Sheriff and other OP/Deputy kits.

Trust me, everyone should walk away with plenty o’ goodies.
Also, there will be folks lurking around looking for side games/friendlies.

Got time in the evenings? Want MORE doomtown?

Hilton 7-11pm :
Wed - Doubles
Thus - Bicycle
Sat - Outlaws team event

FRI is Classic Derringer (official Gencon Event held in the event hall 6-10pm)


Thank you for the tips everyone!