GenCon 2015 Roll Call

Who all is making it to GenCon this year? I’m still trying to work it out myself.

HERE!!! Bringing the jank.

I’ll be on the AEG DTR event/judging team. So y’all play nice, y’hear :smiley:
Playing in Rich Carter’s Classic showdown.
also hope to get in some friendlies.

We are also trying to organize a Hog Killin’ Time on either Friday or Saturday evening - find a bar, have some drinks, play a lot of Doomtown.

I’m playing in showdown #1, hopefully i make the cut and don’t have to troll later events for no-shows! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll be there, largely working in the exhibit hall with AEG. Hope to check out the Showdowns when I get a break.

I’m gonna be there playing in at least 1 qualifier. Would be happy to meet up for some casual play if I can, but there’s a lot to do all weekend.

I’ll be packing a Classic Deck and a Reloaded Deck. But since I’m bringing a laptop and such - Not much more than that. Come ready to sling lead.

I’ll be there for sure playing in Qualifier #3, but trying to make it into the others.

I’ll be there but seeing as how all the events are sold out I won’t be playing in any unless some spots open up

Have those generics ready!

Oh I plan on it

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I can finally confirm I will be coming over and will be sat patiently waiting at each event hoping i can get in, its a bloody long way to come and not get to play :smile:

i will be there and looking to play as much as possible between thrones events. please ping me here or on facebook (dennis harrison) etc and lets get a few matches in!

I can’t do anything about formal tourneys, but I hope to set up some informal sessions for Friday/Saturday evening.
If you played Classic, Rich Carter will host a Classic event on Thursday from 6-10pm - generics always accepted.

Hog Killin’ Time - Thus p.m. hosted by Gomorra Gazette - merriment and open play of classic and reloaded. Details soon to follow.

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I’ll be there.

Also Rich Carter has a Classic event in the official catalog. Thursday, 6pm. I’m playing in that, I will lose miserably (I’ve played all of 6 games of classic).

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@Laura -you can’t lose miserably in classic - I’m playing as well

Status of my best decks:

Lawdogs Mob Justice - had the audacity to win an event (US 2013). Updated to be sorta ‘new’ - had the chutzpah to win again (Kubla 2015). Got nowhere else to go with it. RETIRED per “Code o’ the West”.

Whateleys Extended Family - I love the deck, but another player may be bringing a version of it. So I’ll forgo it this time.

Which means I have to drink from the Kool-Aid of Janky half-baked ideas.

@davido4015 As I’ve said, I’ve barely played Classic… we’ll see.

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Is there any clarification on where Hog Killin’ Time is going to be on Thursday night? I’m going to announce the multiplayer bicycle game on Facebook but wanted to wait until there was a set time and place before I threw it out there.

@Laura well, I’m used to playing Classic against a certain Mr. @RichCarter , which means I generally get beaten like a rented mule.

@Alex is still sorting out a location time for Hog Killin’ Time beyond “Thursday Evening”. But official info for Rich Carter’s Classic event is:

Thursday 6pm (until about 10pm assuming 8 or so players who signed up)
Hall B: Green 6-8