GenCon 2016 Role Call

Who among you is.coming?What events are you attending? What outfit are you representing?

I am. As many as possible. Law Dogs.

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Reporting for duty, sir!

I will try to make the Thursday night Bicycle event, but there is a chance I might be in the Thursday Qualifier which I think goes until 8 (and knowing how things go, will probably run late). Even if that is the case, I’ll at least stop by and visit after the Qualifier is over.

I’m not sure what the Saturday night event is, exactly, but I will try to make that as well.

And I am a Sloane player at heart, but since it’s over a month away and I have no attention span when it comes to decks, who knows what I’ll be playing…

I’ll be on the AEG redshirt event/judging crew. Will have decks classic and DTR for friendlies and evening side events.


Afyer the Saturday Night Event we’re doing a pub crawl.

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I’ll be there!

I’m not sure on my availability, but I am excited to potentially meet some more people.

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Being that I Qualified via Origins, It’d be in poor taste if I didn’t show. So, I and Mr. Bookman will be making the trip Saturday morning for the main event.


Still putting details together, but a friend of mine & I decided on a last minute trip so we should be there. No idea what I’ll be playing at this point.


I will be there after all, coming up with Alex and Andy at this point. I’ll be bringing up Morgan CC, which is Androcles’ best clients at the moment (and they pay the best!). Rumor has it I will be introducing my Androcles cosplay this year, at the Thursday night Bike Rally (which is hosted by me/Androcles). I will be at every sheriff event, will be at the Marshall event, and will likely be at every evening event at the Hilton (especially Thursday).