GenCon 2020 Online Doomtown Round-Ups

Doomtown Online Marshall Badge 2020

Our tradition continues online as players compete for the prize of the Marshall Badge via OCTGN and Tabletop Simulator. Participants will receive promotional cards.

As both the Marshal (Gen Con) and Marshall (UK Games Expo) Badges this year were initially intended for live events, Pine Box Entertainment is adapting to allow players to still compete for this event and effect the Doomtown storyline. Players will participate via OCTGN. Once registration is completed we will send further instructions and rules on participating in this event with Doomtown players from around the world. The game is an expandable card game set in the Deadlands™ universe. It’s a fast-paced game of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mud-slingin’! Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from gunfights to summoning abominations.

Players will be contacted for round 1 pairings. Players must be familiar with how to play Doomtown on OCTGN.

Entry Fee: $2. Sign ups are through GenCon Online

ADDITIONAL NOTE: If you and your opponent agree, the game may be played on an alternate platform such as TTS.

Doomtown Greenhorn Online Edition

Our Greenhorn tradition continues onlineas new players learn how to adapt to the virtual version of the beloved Weird West card game.

Volunteers with Pine Box Entertainment are on hand to teach existing players how to play on OCTGN! This requires knowledge of the game and the willingness to learn how to play the game on OCTGN. This is an expandable card game set in the Deadlands™ universe. It’s a fast-paced game of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mud-slingin’! Use poker hands and card pulls for everything from gunfights to summoning abominations.

Players will be contacted to be paired with a member of the Pine Box team to learn how to play the online version of Doomtown. You must be familiar in how to play the tabletop version.

Max players: 8
Entry fee: $2


Here’s a link, the events are one first and second of August. :slight_smile:

Marshal badge event: Gen Con | Gen Con Indy 2024 (Saturday the 1st of August)
Greenhorn event: (Sunday 2nd of August)

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I see there’s only 8 tickets for the greenhorn event, so I cancelled my ticket for that so I don’t fill it up. I’ll just be there for the volunteer/help out part anyway.

After adding to wish list, then processing the wish list, ticket for the badge event seems to have worked.

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Yep idea is to have 4 games of 2 players with our 4 volunteers to teach, of which you are one :slight_smile:

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Badge and top of faction prizes


To be clear, the GenCon event will run over several weeks as players have the opportunity to meet with their opponent and report their games, following the same format as the Name A Card event.


*Matches will be timed at 2 hours by default (to make up for extra technology-laden slowness, especially to be more friendly to folks who are new to OCTGN/TTS). But if the 2 players agree, they can make any time limit they wish, or none at all.

*If 2 players cannot find a time that meets their schedule, we’ll do our best to work with them. If we have to delay the next round a little, that’s probably ok as long as there is some hope for a match in a reasonable time, but we’ll take it as it comes.

*However, if one player either does not respond at all, or consistently has zero availability, they will be marked as a loss.

*If both players do not respond or report in for the whole week they will be dropped from the event.

*Default game mode is OCTGN; players must agree if using an alternative method, such as TTS, to play.


A message will be going out via the GenCon system to all participants. Please check your messages at


Players will be able to follow along at home here:


Round 1 is up! Breakdown is here:


Correction, Office Deck has Doc


Derek has replaced Robert as a substitute.

Good luck everyone!


The Marshal round-up is underway and will conclude in the weeks to follow. We will update this thread periodically to keep everyone informed. The new Marshal will work with Design Team on creating a new card, per the GenCon tradition.


The event is now updated with correct names and outfit w/legend.


The event is now in Round 3. See one of the Round 2 match-ups here!


Round 3 match here:

Regulators v. Spiritual Society


Round 4 match here:

Regulators v. Smith & Robard’s Trade Show


Pending story votes for players:

  1. How does Quaterman Prime take ‘justice’ into it’s own hands against Absalom Hutchkiss?
  2. What does Nathan Shane do when facing off with the Ghostly Gun?
  3. Who has nightmares from carrying Stone’s bullets?
  4. Who will attempt to gun down Stone and avenge Lucy?
  5. Top 8 Vote: Which Dude will inherit a great darkness at the conclusion of the Aftermath and continue the storyline?

Top of Faction acrylic of the Tombstone themed homes go to:

  1. Anarchists: Joe James Meredith, House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme
  2. Entrepreneurs: Derek McConnell, Morgan Regulators
  3. Outlaws: Dave Hogg, Den of Thieves w/Lacy O’Malley
  4. First Peoples: Justin Wynn, Office of Ancestral Affairs w/Doc Holliday
  5. Fearmongers: Daniel Lundsby: Full Moon Brotherhood w/Hank Ketchum
  6. Law Dogs: Simon Steiner, Abram’s Crusaders

Top 8

  1. Charles Penn (Smith & Robard’s Trade Show) v. DeVon Green (Desolation Row)
  2. Daniel Lundsby (Full Moon Brotherhood w/Hank Ketchum) v. Joe James Meredith (House of Many Faiths w/Ezekiah Grimme)
  3. Dave Hogg (Den of Thieves w/Lacy O’Malley) v. Greg Melnyk (108 Gracious Gifts)
  4. Justin Wynn (Office of Ancestral Affairs w/Doc Holliday) v. Derek McConnell (Morgan Regulators)

Wynn advances to Top 4


Meredith advances to Top 4

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