Gencon Classic 2015

Rich Carter will be hosting a Classic Doomtown showdown at Gencon: Thus 7/30 6-10pm
8 signed up - room for 16, Generics accepted. Lots of cool swag to be awarded/given away.

So, I can’t bring my LD:MJ deck as two versions have had the audacity and chutzpah to actually win events (as Horton the Gunslinger sez: “an event is an event, no matter how small”). I hear tell that another player will be running a version of a deck I built for him, so that one is out for me as I don’t heart the mirror match. Which means drinking from the koolaid of bad jank, leaving one of:

Agency Hootchie Koo
Injuns Beatin’ Dead Horses
A Flock of Bicycles (would I REALLY bring a bike deck to a gunfight?)
Rachel’s 69ers
Sweetrock asks “Have you ever been Experienced?”
What would you like on your Tombstone, Frank?

And for those who want to play/try Classic, yes these decks are available for loan and I believe Rich may have a few as well.

P.S. if you ask RIch nicely, he’ll be happy to show you the butt-hurt of insanity such as Kings of Chess or Wasatch Trap :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ll have a deck with me. But won’t beplayingin the Classic event.

I always loved Tombstone Frank - so What would you like on your Tombstone, Frank?

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