Gencon Event Details - STORY TOURNAMENT
Excuse me while I have a panic attack and figure out which deck I’m willing to risk losing with.

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Wow those are some high stakes!

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I just went from Observer to Competitor. You guys better beware. I

Maybe, maybe not. You choose from those “available,” so it could be a bunch of chumps who aren’t getting story time anyway.

Or it could be outfit heads.

I imagine it’s somewhere in between.

It’d be nice to see the list so people who won’t be there can put out bounties and such, if they’re into the story side of things.


Sorry its in the US only though…


At the end of each of the four qualifying tournaments, the character with the most votes will die in a new piece of fiction to be released in the wake of the convention.

So there’ll be one casualty from each qualifier, plus whatever happens in the finals?

Reading it again that’s what it looks like. And by finals I guess they mean the semis and the finals…

To those not able to make the events-
The Gazette will be keeping tallies so that you don’t have to wait to find out the fate of your favorite dudes.

Although Wendy almost certainly dies. Twice. Cuz Wendy.

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