GenCon Gatherings Today

Beer at the Bike Rally this evening:
-Tyxarglenak: dry cider with citra hops
-Welcome to Tombstone: British pub ale bittered with dandelions and EKG hops
-Ace in the Hole: sorachi ace single hopped IPA

Come find PBE on the 2nd Floor lounge of Hyatt Recency 7pm or at Kilroys at 3pm for games and promos!

201 S Meridian St, Indianapolis, IN 46225

Address for Kilroys

Here’s hoping I get to leave soon!

Where in the Hyatt?

1st floor!!!

I can’t see the Facebook comments (still don’t have a login…) but hoping the two comments already have helped this guy out:

If not I can help with a LD deck and/or sleeves. :slight_smile:

Popping in to say that those who are interested in participating in the Evil is a Choice tournament, but can’t find the time to make a brand new deck, are free to borrow a deck for the tourney. Got one left.

That is, if you like Quatermans and Mechanical Horses…


I’m looking forward to seeing what decks people come up with for the Evil is a Choice event :smiling_imp:

If I wasn’t running Grimme, I’d be playing x4 muggings. I think Grimme and Hellstromme will be popular.


Top foresight from the day’s champion here, good call! Unprepared and mugging looked really strong where I saw them used today due to the spell and gadget rich environment.

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Where and when can I meet you guys tomorrow?

Some Doomtown folk will be at hall c I think on Sunday, perhaps red tables 17-24 again? Not sure if t4 location has moved.

I’ll be at Arkham horror event at 9am.

I stayed a bit after the event, but I couldn’t find you (not knowing what the other looks like didn’t help…)

Dammit, sorry to miss you. :frowning: easier next time as i’ll update this thread when I get back to the uk to identify myself in the pinebox photos from gencon.