Gencon Multiplayer!

So, I’ve been gone a bit, since the forum migration, but back now. I just determined tonight that I WILL be able to make Gencon, and will have my generics ready to play Doomtown.

Also, some of you may have heard of a legendary multiplayer game last year, at the Munchkin Tavern. Alex, Andy, me, Jesse Hibbs (artist on the game) and another Springfield guy who I can’t recall played about the most fun Doomtown game I’ve ever played. This year I want to kick things up a bit.

I’ve heard talk of a Hog Killin’ Time planned for this year. I would like to propose a continuation of that amazing multiplayer experience. This year: the Androcles Brocklehorst Bicycle Multiplayer Tournament.

I’m going to try to gather some cool prizes, but this is mostly for one thing: fun and drinking (okay so that’s two things). I’m going to be a couple of days from after I take the bar exam so I will be sufficiently insane. We will see how many we have commit to playing and then either split the games into manageable tables of 4-5, or just play a big monster of a multiplayer game, last man standing. This can take place whenever Hog Killin’ Time is, but hopefully not Saturdaynas I’ll be celebrating that other AEG card game at the Skygarden.

Let me know if anyone’s interested and I’ll start drumming up some prizes. Can’t wait to see everyone again this year!


I agree that in the past, my multiplayer games (mostly Classic) have been some of the most intense, awesome, gobsmacking “I never saw THAT coming” moments of not just Doomtown, but gaming in general.

I have some ideas of formats, but since you’ve thrown down the BIKE challenge, I ACCEPT. What’s better than Clownz in a Karriage? Why, Clownz on a Bike :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, Dank Knight has written an article on bicycle format - Let’s get some discussion and trash going and get ready to rumble. 4R Motto - You bring the beer, we’ll bring the PAIN!

update- HKT may be on Thus p.m.
I’ll be playing in Classic tourney from 6-10pm Then a bunch of us will swing over to HKT.
So as long as you don’t have a curfew or beddybye time :stuck_out_tongue: I’ll be happy to do multi with you and anyone else.

That’s actually perfect. I wouldn’t mind watching the classic tournament anyway. Thursday is great because Friday night is an L5R Dinner and Saturday is the big twentieth anniversary party. While I’m an L5R player, I prefer Doomtown.

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If you want to try Classic, we have plenty of killer decks to loan - for the cost of a generic ticket.
And plenty of swag to give out for Classic and HKT.

I am planning on playing in the 6pm grinder however if i have already qualified in the first then i will swing by and say hello and marvel at the old classic cards,

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Yeah I wouldn’t mind trying classic again. I played it last in the late 90’s so I may be rusty haha.

John, I’ll be there. You’ve got my number. Classic and Reloaded both have to happen. And multiplayer doubly applies to both.

Yeah I’ll be playing Doomtown most of the weekend, so I’ll be around the events. If you guys want to do the multiplayer thing after the Classic tournament at HKT I’m good with that. I’ll try to post an event on the Doomtown Facebook group. I hope everyone’s cool with it being Bicycle, I think that will make it more fun and even, and make it even crazier if someone gets a great hand in a big shootout. I just remember in our game last year all of the backstabbing and shenanigans (mostly against Andy though, and he still won). If we get a monster of a multiplayer game going, I’m going to hit up Facebook for some prizes and maybe we can give stuff away.

Ok, what’s more fun than a clown?
A: A whole bunch of clowns.

What’s more fun than a whole bunch of clowns?
A: A whole bunch of clowns on a bike :smiley: