GG League Season 1 Finals

hey everyone, have we got a treat for you, the finals of the GG tournament are now available in all their casted glory.

Match 1

Match 2


My deck from finals:

I started to watch Db0 comments on game.

First turn I did pass as I knew the opponent’s deck. I did lose to him in previous rounds. I was afraid of Steven Wyles, It’s who you know and Stakes just rose, so I just pass as soon as I can. I play all my hand and opponent passed with 5 card in hand, so I was ok with lefting Circle M to him.

Rest of decisions will comment later when I have some sleep, and time for watching the rest.

Anyway, thanks for recording and commenting, will watch for sure!

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Cheers mate, l look forward to the two of you explaining some decisions of yours I didn’t understand :slight_smile:

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