Ghost Town Spoiler 2

Here you go…

Its all for a better tomorrow!


I’m a little sad that the pic for this card was not, in fact QUATERMAN experienced, but I do like the idea of this card in theory.

Run a job to get your gadget (and one from your discard pile even) at massive discounts. Swell. However I’d rather have the gadget invented and ready, before I do any sort of shooting.

Will definitely have to experiment with it, to say the least.

Getting it from your discard pile is where the card’s power really shines I think


I agree that inventing from the discard pile is great, and at reduced difficulty and cost. (Gadgetorium + Currency press + exhibition = difficulty 2 , 6 gr, and unbooted scientist)

I have an idea for a gadget near flush deck though, with exhibitioned gadgets for control points. Truly mad.