Ghost Town Story/Preview: Theo Whateley-Boyer

Up now at the AEG website.


For those who are not aware, this is a tribute to Andrew Boyer, a longtime L5R & Deadlands (classic CCG & RPG) player who passed away.


Aw, wonderful lil tribute.

And great lil connection both to classic and the deadlands universe at large. :slight_smile:

Mechanically though, kind of niche, though he is a relatively cheap Huckster with influence.

I think he’s going to work pretty well in a lot of decks, if for no other reason than he’s a startable huckster with influence and no upkeep.

The ability “screams” Devil’s Joker to me, so I guess I’ll be working to put my buddy to work fetching me jokers in a Sloane DoT deck first, and then 108 hexes second.