Gomorra Gazette Experienced Episode 2 and Booted Dudes Episode 19

Hello fellow Doomtown fans,

Over the last week or so two new podcast episodes have come out, including one featuring an interview with Pinebox’s Community Manager David Lapp.

I’ve typed up some highlights below, but as ever I recommend people listen to them too, I’ve not covered everything. Links to both below, the Booted Dudes stuff is on iTunes too. I couldn’t find the new Gomorra Gazette on iTunes - this might be user error on my part or perhaps they’re not uploading it there?

Gomorra Gazette
http://gomorragazette.com/node/13 Gomorra Gazette Experienced Episode 2 - Interview with David Lapp

  • They’re excited to be bringing new product to players and appreciate the community’s patience.
  • There will be another tournament series in the Fall (google tells me this is American English for Autumn). This will have more events than the Epitaph series - they had more applications than they were expecting so they’re planning to expand things for the next series! Good news for the health of the game and for anyone who misses out on an Epitaph event.
  • Story: want to do something new, so they’re doing a prequel for the Epitaph expansion as they’re opening, but they may do something different from here onward. Perhaps they’re planning to accelerate closer to the latest Deadlands RPG products once the prequel is out of the way? It would match the descriptions given in the Euro Marshal story prize summary.
  • There will be an epic grudge match between David Lapp and Scott Wisely at Gencon.
  • This episode featured the Epitaph preview “You Had one Job” (spoiler compilation here: Tales from the Epitaph spoiler compilation), an Outlaw tournament prize. They’re planning to hold back on the other Outlaw prize cards until the Kicckstarter (http://pineboxentertainment.com/2017/05/16/hellstrommes-journal-3-name-a-card-prizes-and-organized-play/).
  • Pinebox are keen to get Epitaph decklists from people so they can summarise these for the community.
  • They’re interested in what kind of goodies/tournament prizes people are interested. After the Sloane mat is released (referred to as the “missing” faction mat) they’re planning on keeping playmats to only events they attend as playmats are bulky and expensive for shipping. They think tokens would be a good prize support and are easy to distribute (lowball winner markers, Sun In Yer Eyes/Unprepared markers etc).
  • Pax Unplugged (http://unplugged.paxsite.com/) in November should have a story prize, but it is under wraps for now.
  • They’re working on a way to distribute errata cards to players beyond simply giving them out at tournaments and mentioned some other forthcoming candidates for reprints (such as No Turning Back, given that it doesn’t state how long its bonus lasts for).

Booted Dudes
http://analoggaming.libsyn.com/ep-19-deck-stealing-triptych - Booted dudes Episode 19

  • A really interesting episode in which the Booted Dudes duo run through some high profile decks from dtdb and play them in matches against each other.
  • It would be a shame for these to get buried under all the Euro Championship decks and upcoming Epitaph decks.
  • Plus their conversation is particularly interesting as something close to one of these decks was played by the original creator at the Euros (The Sitdown Strike - European Edition (5th) · DoomtownDB) and they also discuss a Putting the Pieces Together deck. While the deck they’re discussing wasn’t played at the Euros, a PTPT deck finished 8th (The Long Con (Huddersfield Euro 2017 8th place) · DoomtownDB).
  • I particularly enjoyed the analysis of the Sit Down Strike deck as the Booted Dudes suggested some of the same changes the player in question happened to end up using at the Euros and noted that it would likely fare well at a tournament due to its surprise factor: this is exactly what happened! :slight_smile:

Here are the decks they discuss:


I believe one of the reasons @jordan_caldwell went with The Sitdown Strike was because I mentioned to him that it had been showcased in that podcast!


@Harlath - I’m hearing impaired, so I don’t listen to podcasts. Thank you for a trenchant and timely summary of these informative podcasts. A true community service :smiley:


Love what you guys did with my creation. I laugh how that you all kept the theme of the name :smiley:

Edit: Ha, just saw the description of the original Sitdown Strike. That text is a work of art :smiley:

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The full sit down strike deck description is pure gold (ghost rock?). I referred people back to it in one of my posts.

I can assure people that I’m not going to attempt to rise to the challenge by doing my reports in the style of Adam Smith/David Hume…

As to the deck names: I like it when the community latches on to a deck name and theme, creates some fun community history.

@davido4015 - delighted to type up notes on the podcasts - it reminded me of my brief career in journalism! Your comment reminds me that I neglected to mention David Lapp’s comment that Pinebox are keen to promote the OCTGN Epitaph league for those people who can’t make a tournament or who don’t have a local scene.

Anyone else see a mostly blank page? Both episodes for me have been blank, nothing to download or play. Tried both on my phone and my desktop.

That’s frustrating, they come through fine on chrome on various desktops and on my phone’s Safari browser. Grrr.

Does this work any better for the Gomorra Gazette? :slight_smile:


Itunes link for Booted Dudes:


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Sweet, works! Thanks Harlath!
(also I should have clarified it was both episodes of the GG, Booted Dudes has always worked ok for me :slight_smile: )

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No worries. I thought that was what you meant but thought it was better to be safe than sorry. :slight_smile:

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When @Doomdog told me that The Sitdown Strike was mentioned in a podcast, after sitting on the fence between multiple decks, that indeed pushed me over. It’s an honor to receive mention. And next to building and playing decks, my next favorite pleasure is bestowing them with names drawn from the rich intersection between mechanics and story.

Listening to Booted Dudes right now. So good.