Gomorra Gazette Harrowed 01 - Requiem for a Good Boy

Andy and I talk a lot about bicycle. Andy also harasses me about my poor collection organizational habits.

Fun podcast, and very timely for me since I will soon be making my first bicycle deck! I have a couple questions and a comment about timing rules.

First, I’ve always wondered what the average hand rank is compared to normal play. For instance, if you have a 4 total stud rating (drawing 9 cards) and 2 draw, in normal I’d say it’s likely to see at least a full house or higher in an average deck. How much lower is it in bicycle, or is it all over the place?

Second, are there any common pitfalls to avoid? The only one I can think of is to avoid putting in any cheatin’ resolutions unless you expect den of thieves or devils jokers. Are there others?

Next… you won’t like this, Alex. Barton isn’t triggered by den of thieves, since traits that trigger on “when hands are revealed” happen before den’s react. The only way Barton can ever be triggered is by pulling a devils joker. Same thing with an accidental reunion.

Henry Moran is similar, but his trait is a replacement trait (anything that uses the word “instead” to replace something), so it resolves before anything else - even a Barton type trait, if he worked in lowball, like Philip Swinford. So if you reveal a cheatin’ lowball hand, first Moran will fire off, then if the next 5 cards are legal then other traits, reacts, or resolutions that depend on a cheatin’ hand can no longer happen or be played. If you use Den after Henry fires off, traits like Philip Swinford won’t fire off, but other cheatin’ resolutions can be played.

The order of timing is: replacement traits (Henry Moran), then replacement reacts (dr ashbel), then normal traits (Barton/Philip), then normal reacts (Den of thieves).


Oh man, good catch on Barton. And henry. Typically the average hand is below a 6 in bicycle. You’re right I don’t like it but I’m glad to know it, so thank you.

Pitfalls -
Focusing too much on values. Or locking onto “i have to play a grifter”. Your deck slots become that much more valuable when you’re only allowed one card per value. Don’t overlook cards that wouldn’t see play in standard constructed doomtown. Like Requiem for a Good Boy. Most importantly don’t focus too much on a competitive strategy, instead find something fun to do with it. In bicycle Jank is Bank.

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At 4 stud

Average Legal hand rank: 4.704300
Legal Hand rank breakdown
No hand : 0
High card : 164
One Pair : 1177
Two Pair : 2748
Three of a kind : 482
Straight : 1593
Flush : 1399
Full House : 1745
Four of a kind : 486
Straight Flush : 175
Five of a kind : 25
Dead Mans Hand : 6

3 stud

Average Legal hand rank: 3.880400
Legal Hand rank breakdown
No hand : 0
High card : 546
One Pair : 2465
Two Pair : 2470
Three of a kind : 880
Straight : 1316
Flush : 921
Full House : 1015
Four of a kind : 309
Straight Flush : 65
Five of a kind : 13
Dead Mans Hand : 0


Forgot about that sweet script you wrote. If that is for bicycle, how does that compare to a regular, say 15/15/12 build?