Gomorra Gazette: Harrowed Edition

Andy and I are back. Discussing everything from Reloaded, Classic, and Fan Works to West World and other fun stuff.
We’ve uploaded to podbean this time, to streamline the entire process. Come check us out!



Finally was able to give this a listen tonight. Overall good job, guys!

I gotta say, Andy sounded wholly unexcited to be there, but I’m sure you guys were tired after the multiple attempts… not a critique necessarily, but it was kind of amusing.

And unlike you guys, I’m not really sold on Inner Struggle. It just seems too unreliable/inconsistent to be that great… but as I’ve said before I am not great at valuing cards when they are first released. You’d think I would like it more, being a huge fan of Putting The Pieces Together, which is similar, but I’m just not sold on it.

Anyway, I hope there are more episodes to come!

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Yeah. He’d come over straight for the Gym, after a day of working. He was pretty sapped. There should be more to come, and I’m tossing around a coupl eideas to see if we can spice things up a bit!