Gomorra Gazette Weekly Stream

I’m announcing it here first! We will have a weekly stream of our competitive play test sessions. Not an OCTGN stream but of us actually playing! Tell us how bad we are in real time! We’re considering a Sunday Afternoon feed.


A standard schedule will definitelly make it easier for people to attend and plan around.

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Where are you from? What is time zone of your ‘afternoon’?

@db0- That’s the goal. With previously announced match ups and the occasional match up decided on by viewers.

@gozik - Missouri, so GMT +6 (Central), I believe. That said, we can totally have special episodes once and a while for our over seas friends. But we may be pretty drunk. :wink:

A little More Info: We have a 3 camera set up. 1 top down, 2 player cams. We’ll stream via Twitch.tv. And we’ll answer questions on stream as much as possible.

Missouri, do you mean GMT -6?

Yeah. That. What @gozik said.

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I love this idea - looking forward to it.

I’m eastern and I’m GMT-4, and central is one hour behind eastern.
We’re in daylight time now - does Missouri do that?
(When we’re in standard time we’re GMT-5)

We do indeed. It’s really obnoxious.

Time zone math is hard for me too^^

Sunday afternoons would work for me well enough personally. I’m also in Eastern though, and my son has his naptime around then. :wink:

I think it’s a great idea, Alex.

Don’t know how often I’ll get to watch, but it’s totes brill.

The Next Question is:
What kinda information would you like to see on the Heads-Up Display?

With the player cams do we get to see the play hands?

Info like cp, inf, gr and that dynamically increases/decreases.
Winner of lowball marker, a cheating indicator for draws, non intrusive on screen draw hand results.

¿There’s a possibility to record this matches so we can see later in youtube? ¿or would be only “live” transmission?

If you use a software like OBS, you can do both.

Twitch auto saves videos ( I believe you have to change settings ), it auto deletes them too if you don’t add them to highlights. I experimented with streaming recently and I was quite happy with picture quality, I played on OCTGN though. I also watched a bit of tournament that was posted by guys from UK and have to say that it was much harder to follow, I actually don’t believe you can set up cameras to make live play easy to watch, without heavy editing. In my opinion streaming OCTGN games is much better choice.
If you are interested I might try to find and post a link to that tournament.

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I personally cant see more than 2 minutes of a OCTGN screen, i prefer a thousend times real players!