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What kind of results have people had with the jail so far? Frontier Justice has only been out in the UK for a week, so I haven’t played many games with it, but across the few I have it’s only gained three control points (and two of those were in a five player game) due to dudes getting aced in shootouts far more often than discarded. While it’s nice to start with a control point, and it has potential to become a game-winning card (the deciding shootout in the multiplayer game took place there), there have also been plenty of times when I’d have liked that extra starting ghost rock. I think my opinion may change when I go to a tournament, given the amount of Desolation Row decks doing the rounds at the moment there’ll be plenty of wanted criminals running around town.

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In at least one edge case, CPs are not the same as Influence:

When both players have a win state, the one with the most CP’s wins.

There’s also the trick of CP’s on the deed being capturable, so this does give your opponent a tempting target…which may be good for you to lure them in to finish them off.

I very very rarely get bonus control points on the Jail, because dudes get aced all the time, and if they get discarded they often happen not to be wanted. And when I do get to make the opponent discard a wanted dude, half the time I choose not to trigger the Jail because I don’t want to raise the stakes, I’m worried that my opponent might suddenly bring in Steven and a 2 CP deed and win the game (this is especially true when I’m playing vs. Clowns, with all their Blood Curses and Rumors).

But all this in no way means that Gomorra Jail is useless. I quite like it. If I have only four dudes in my starting posse, I’m willing to spend 1 gr to start with a 1 CP deed in play that might - if the situation allows it and if I want it to - get 1-2 extra CP. I mean, if you manage to trigger the Jail twice over the course of one game, it’s a 3 CP deed that you had from the start of the game - this is HUGE! Usually it’s helpful enough even when it has just 1 or 2 CP. The best thing about it is that I control whether to put dudes in jail or not.

Of course, the Jail really shines in a Deputy deck starting Rafi Hamid and running Rope & Ride :wink:


I haven’t tried it yet, and I haven’t been counting previously, but it seems counter intuitive to me that people get aced a lot more than discarded, since you’d imagine people win shootouts by an odd number of ranks as much as an even number, and you’d imagine winning by 1 rank is fairly common in a shootout, nevermind ties.

I’m probably wrong, but the idea that making a couple of their guys wanted and throwing a Bounty Hunter/Kidnapping sounds it could be a near win, if they start with 5 influence and I get rid of 2 of it…

I’m currently running a tighter draw structure than I would usually. That combined with Tommy being my main shooter may be to blame for my experiences… I’m going to try it out at a couple of tournaments as I think it’ll see more opportunities for use in that environment.

Normally, but there are plenty of ways to manipulate hand ranks out there to get an even or an odd (Force Field, for one).

I really like the combo present in @Whizzwang’s 3/7/8 LD deck (I think it was his, anyway) wherein you run Wendy/Pistol Whips along with Pintos and Kidnappins.

1.) Have Burton or someone start the Kidnappin’ job on a stranded target.
2.) Pinto in Wendy or any ready dude if you have a Pistol Whip in hand.
3.) Punt out the kidnap target.
4.) Auto-win the job, reacting with the Jail.

Really steps 1-3 were always possible, you just now get the added bonus of the Jail on top of it, which seems enticing.

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Or play Flight of the Lepus :slight_smile:

That too. I’m toying with an 8/10/Q deck that runs them in conjunction off-suit. It’s not the focus of the deck at all, but the combo is possible.