Gomorra Weekly #1

Howdy pardners! This is Gomorra Weekly - for those of you who don’t check the forum on a daily basis, we’ll keep you up to date on what’s been going on in Gomorra for the past week.


Are hexes OP or do people just need to meta against them, by meta against them I mean shoot the huckster in the head :wink:

Nice work

You cannot call out the damn huckster if you’re booted all day every day :disappointed_relieved:

People need to L2Sword of the Spirit with a Rapier and go hunting those hucksters :smile:

Or 2 shooters 1 boots 2nd kidnaps

It’s interesting that almost all people who say that hexes are not OP and ‘you just need to learn to play around them’ are members of the playtest team. Looks like we regular players are not doing what you guys expected us to do. And we persist in not doing it that way.

Great content as usual mplain! Good job rounding up all the info. Great snapshot for new users. Keep up the good work!

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…did you seriously just make a post summarizing the forum in which you point out -your own poll- as an important discussion? Like, dude, if you want to keep the discussion going there are way more relevant ways than having to advertise your own posts. We get you feel it’s a problem, it’s not productive to keep haranguing people about it outside of the discussion.

With ‘new’ and ‘unread’ features built into the forum, do we really need a ‘forum summarization’? This seems like some pretty shameless self promotion to shoot some bow shots at design. We’ve got 1 thread summarizing all tournament wins, story is so bare it’s hard -not- to see what’s new, and the FAQ and Collected rulings thread is its own. It’s not hard for new players to find these. So, it’s nice of you to do, but it honestly seems more like just needle jabbing over a pet issue with a lot of needless dressing.

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Wow. I just don’t know where the next blow will come from these days. First a mod that I’m not on good terms with sends me a PM saying that it’s a great post, then someone else accuses me of self-promotion.

My buddy @qkieu PM-d me today saying that he’d just returned from a two-week vacation and asked me what happened in Gomorra during that time. I summarized the recent news and discussions for him, and then I thought that it might be a good idea to make a weekly summary for other people that might have missed on the forum life. I realize that not everyone lives in this forum like I do. So, test drive. Any feedback is appreciated, I guess :smile:

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If you really feel it’s going to do the forum some good, sure, but it really just seems like you’re trying to hammer on about the Hex Deck issue, highlighting your poll and how many events have been won and included hex decks. I’ll take your word you didn’t intend to, but maybe something to be aware of how it -appears-. Especially given how others have responded to it already

I love this!

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I don’t think it appears as self promotion. I thought this was a great summary of what has been going on in the forums in the past week.
The fact that the author of this thread is the same as the author of another thread that generated a discussion is irrelevant, save to indicate that author is active in creating discussion.

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Sword of the spirit requires getting the spell, then getting a melee weapon. It requires 2 cards to work per dude. How many games have people played where you have 4 copies of a card and it never comes up in your play hand. Now you need to count on 2 cards coming up for each dude you want to protect? Also blessed have no way to get miracles in hand at the start of the game like hexes.

There are 2 melee weapons that are unique and mystical and scream going on blessed. But wait, the only dudes in the game that can go into the discard and pull out mystical items are 4th ring. So now you’re carrying multiple copies to increase your chance of drawing something you can only have 1 max in play.

Any time a counter is more complicated than what it’s countering it’s not really a counter. Because over the course of many many games the easier to pull off will statistically happen more. Not to mention paralysis mark is good against everyone while sword of the spirit is mainly good against hexes. In a tournament format this is a huge consideration, because even taking what’s popular into consideration there is always going to be some variety. So while you can make an anti huckster deck that deck is going nowhere unless you also have a plan for other builds.

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While I appreciate what @Slade8 said, I’d rather have the discussion about Paralysis Mark & co. take place in the corresponding thread.

Here I’d like to discuss the format of weekly summaries of events and discussions around Doomtown.

Could a mod please move the post above to the Poll thread? (and delete this post when you’re done)

I liked this thread too. It was a fun read.

Well done I found this helpful and informative

I love the smell of passive-aggressive replies in the morning


@the guy whining about this post.

Even if the OP is drawing attention to his other post and tourney results to highlight the issue he perceives with hexes taking over the meta, does that make the facts of the matter any less relevant? If hexes are dominating in secret and people don’t draw attention to it, does that mean that less should be done about them? As long as he is reporting the truth what’s it to you? I don’t understand your outrage.

I think you’re misunderstanding. For one, no one is really trying to ‘hide’ that hex decks are strong right now. For two, I just find it poor taste to self promote like that because, as I said, it just seems like everything else is just window dressing as a way to hit home about the issue instead of just discussing it still. Third, it’s hardly outrage.

If people are fine with it, I’m not one to stand in the way of what they feel is a useful service. But there are more productive ways of calling attention to an issue than just creating more threads to point to your own discussion on why its an issue. Like I said though, if it wasn’t his intent and people are happy with this as a regular tool then my bad, it’s no big deal.