Gomorra Weekly #2

Howdy! This is Gomorra Weekly, summing up the events of the past week or so for you, in case you’ve been enjoying the summer sun instead of shootin’ clowns and tumblebleeds, ya slacker!

  • Clowns still dominate the Sheriff events meta, with hex dex winning in Sacramento, Warren, Tyler, and Brisbane.
    The Sacramento tournament was actually won by Richard Carter’s Morgan Hexes deck, bringing the first Sheriff victory to this faction. Check out the progress so far in this thread.

Abominations and Miracles are getting stronger with the new cards from Nightmare At Noon.

Folks, it’s time to build Abomination and Miracle decks!

  • New fiction last week was Longwei Fu explaining the Tao of Zhu Bajie to his students in a story called Raking Dragons. This week it’s Sarah Meoquanee saving some poor sod from a Maze Dragon. Meanwhile, Elander Boldman and his fellow mad scientists mastermind the Plan for Territorial Acquisition via Automatic Army of Quatermen!

  • There’s also a podcast called Booted Dudes that you might want to check out, guys over there are talking about the flavor and lore of Deadlands, some interesting things you might learn.

  • We now know that the second saddlebag of the third cycle is called Foul Play. While you’re waiting for new cards, check out how some of the existing ones looked like back in Classic.

  • Here’s a review of The 108 Righteous Bandits (shameless self promotion!). Eagle Wardens are coming soon too!

  • The Semi-official FAQ & collected rulings got updated with a couple new ones, and there’s also some research into the “first sentence after the colon” rule, for those of you who like to dig deeper.

  • Finally, DTDB’s Rules page got updated with the Revised Rulebook. The latest FAQ, Floor Rules, and errata for cards will soon be uploaded too!