Gomorra Weekly #3

Howdy, gadget-inventing spell-slinging cowboys!
Lets take a look over what happened in the past week.

Sheriff tournaments this weekend have NOT been dominated by clowns. Looks like folks finally learned to play around Paralysis Mark after all! :smile:
We’ve got The Sloane Gang, Desolation Row, Morgan Cattle Co. (Hot Lead deck!), David Lapp’s Oddities (third Sheriff win, wow!), and Law Dogs. Looks pretty diversified, now all we need is a couple victories for The Arsenal and Morgan Gadgetarium.

@gozik has created yet another monstrosity, a deck that gains tons of ghost rock from the Undertaker + Buried Treasure engine recurring Pagliaccios with Soul Cages. Undertake That! and The Undertaken II.

Enjoy your Abominations and Miracles while you can, 'cause starting from next week it’ll all be about Kung Fu and Shamans - the new faction pack Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force is released on Monday, September 7th!

There’s some new official fiction that sets up the stage, and also Team Covenant made a video review of the new cards.

Not all decks are meant to win tournaments. Some are built around a certain weird concept that doesn’t really work, but they’re even more fun to play. If you’re into this kind of stuff, check out the Jank decks thread, it might give you some inspiration for creative deckbuilding (or make a lasting psycho trauma, so don’t delve too deep!)

In other news:

(no, that’s not a tumblebleed)

It’s been pretty dead on the Gomorra Gazette forum, the Facebook group, BGG, Reddit, and DTDB over this past week.

I sure wish I could tell you all about the interesting new rulings from the official rules forum, or the bug fixes on OCTGN, but it’s been very quite in both places for the past month.

Them cowbows are sure enjoying their sun! Hopefully the release of IOUF will shake things up! :smile:


GG forum, OCTGN and DTDB really looks abandoned. Not a single strategy discussion. Lack of comments.

Should we have a second leaugue to attract more dudes probablly?

Things will probably pick up in the next couple of weeks when Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force gets its full release and we start seeing some spoilers for The Light Shineth.

Yeah I think the early spoilers of IOUF took a bit of wind out of the sails. But I hope to have some free time from work next week in order to really test the new factions, if I get my cards and this wont be another complete debacle like the Faith and Fear release distribution that is.

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I would love to start a league, but a real league not a tournament. For this we need more players though, I think currently we have maximum of 6,7 active players that are from Europe. For some reason DTR players don’t like playing on OCTGN what is really surprising for me.

Yeah I think having both Nightmare at Noon and Immovable Object Unstoppable Force spoiled all at once so far back kind of killed a lot of the buzz, though that said, there really hasn’t been all -that- much discussion on the new factions outside of the inital deck idea thread and the kung fu talk (and 108 review), Wardens don’t seem to have been discussed half as much.

The first tournament gathered 32 players I think. People just need an incentive to play on OCTGN.

Most players have IRL groups to hang with so don’t really feel the need to play online.

I have OCTGN on both PCs and my laptop, but I’m rarely in the lobby looking for games as I get plenty of gaming in at the weekends. I suspect this is the same for a lot of people,

If there was a reason to make the effort to play online, I think you’d see a definite bump in numbers.

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I would play in a league. Then again, i’m one of the unfortunates, that still don’t have offline people to play with, so OCTGN is my salvation…

I also think that everything’s quieted down a bit because the faction pack has been spoiled so far back already (I still wanted to wait to get the real cards myself before trying them out. Still got so much else to play with… ^^)

Yeah, I usually play with my friends on Fridays (and sometimes Wednesdays while waiting for everyone to show up for the Deadlands game I’m currently running), and go to events every few weekends. I’ve installed OCTGN, but haven’t really felt I needed to use it. I’d be up for a league/tournament - it’d push me to learn how to use OCTGN and I’d get to play against a wider range of people and decktypes.

I would also like to participate in an OCTGN league, so count me in, if start one.


are it might be getting close so dust off your


Guns are too rude. I prefer to have an

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We’re working on this now actually. We’ve got a format decided - an attempt to get away from the Double Elimination format.

I’ve also noticed how dead it is around here. Part of the problem is we’ve all seen and played N@N by this point and until IOUF has got a wider release, there’s not much more to talk about. I’ll see what I can do to drum up some content to generate discussion this weekend. I’ve been meaning to write about the strength of 2 Value decks for a while now.


Could you reveal anything about upcoming league/tournament? I am particularly interested in a format of it. I also have one suggestion, please request that people who participate complete at least few games on OCTGN before joining it.

That’s reasonable. As for format - as it stands now it is NOT double elim. Andy and I are recording tonight - I’ll make sure to include the format details. @jedilanni has thrown together something super cool.

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Also, soccer started back up so that has been my priority @Alex. Usually in other LCG games there is a dead period until like October at least that has been my observation with the other games I play.

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It is called football :).

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futbol gets called soccer here because we are confused very easily “squirrel”. :smiley:

Don’t you mean sqrrrrrrl?


I understand that the recording you mentioned is a video similar to the one you posted some time ago, is it uploaded already?