Gomorra's Finest: Who Joins Us in Tombstone?

Greetings cowfolk! As we look towards the end of the Servitor Series and the future of bringing characters new and old into Tombstone, we wanted to make a special announcement regarding the Servitor Series chosen Dudes to Save or Corrupt.

As you may have noticed (Servitor Series Results: The Struggle to Corrupt or Save - #21 by Lapp), things aren’t looking good for the Law Dogs Drew Beauman. Does this mean we will see an evil Quaterman in the near future, or an even more demonic creation?

Meanwhile the votes for Valeria and Maria remain tight, and the souls of Black Elk and Bai Yang Chen are well on the way to staying in tact. Whatever fate lies Kyle Wagner (in his former life or the next), also remains in the balance.

We hope you all enjoyed participating in this Series (there’s still quite a few Worldwide events this month) and we look forward to bringing you the Tombstone Series this Spring to coincide with the Kickstarter shipment of ‘There Comes A Reckoning.’

While we promised one story for the faction most represented, we will be attempting to represent all the character’s stories, through fiction and cards, as Doomtown continues. This means you can look forward to these characters gaining experienced versions in upcoming releases!

As we move beyond the confines of Gomorra, I’d like to ask you, the community, which characters do you want to see Experienced in DTR?


Is there a list of who’s dead? Or maybe it’s no big problem as everyone, dead or alive, could get experienced version?

This thread is a good start!


Bah, beaten to the draw by Lapp (not too much shame in that hopefully).

Here’s the most up to date list within that thread (I think): Reloaded Boot Hill List (Story Spoilers!) - #19 by Harlath.

Great news that a wider range of stories will be told, not just the most popular faction. Shows the effects of the strong kickstarter backing being felt, plus more fiction is always welcome! :slight_smile:

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Ok, so my type for experienced is Sister Mary Gideon.


Johnny Brocklehurst. You know why.


Luke the Errand Boy! Daomei Wang! Erik Samson!

Oh man!

Xui Yin Chen
The Flying Popescu
Xiong Cheng
Warren Graves
Sanford Taylor

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The survivors from Base set too Election Day Slaughter and many of the dudes from Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force could really use some experienced versions, especially those that have no traits or abilities.

My list would have to include
Richard Faulkner
Black Elk (He’s Servitor Series dude, so maybe that already a given?)
Clementine Lepp
Milt Clemons
Dulf Zug
Irving Patterson
Olivia Jenks
Jonah Essex

But the dude I want experienced the most…
The Caretaker

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Sanford Taylor
Laughing Crow

They both have several quotes across DTR cards, which should make them important characters narrative-wise, yet rarely see play due to the prohibitive ratio of their cost to overall impact.

It’d be nice if often-quoted characters were either made into viable starters or viable clean-up hitters as a way to enable the mechanics to weave the story.


Well that is a question right ? How wide a net can we cast ? The weird west is a weird place with so many different characters that are already established like the Ghost ,Stone or any of the railroad Barons ? Or is this who do you want from the already established characters in the card game ? I vote Black Jack but it would make no sense for him to be in tombstone ,moving forward I don’t know why most of the dudes from Gomorra would leave there . The story is the main reason I play doomtown and while I want to see guys from the older sets it doesn’t make much sense to me so I guess I have to say Wendy ? Lucy already got experienced perhaps dudes from here comes a reckoning ?

How could I forget Jonah Essex?

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Glad Pinebox are keen to hear what fans have to say on this topic. :thumbsup:

Great posts above, particularly making sure dudes that see a lot of play get experienced or those important narratively but with rarely seen cards get an experienced version.

Just sticking to Doomtown characters (beyond the servitor series characters), not the broader Deadlands universe (as excited as I was to see Morgan Lash get a strong and flavourful card):

  • 4R: The Flying Popescu (now that they’re singular after one died, think the other survived), The Ghostly Gun (slayer of Steven Wiles! Cool card too!)
  • LD: Clyde Owens (I like having some “grey” characters on the Law Dogs), Mortimer Parsons (always interested in LD that interact with you/your opponent playing legal or Cheatin’ hands)
  • MCC: Jarret Blake (sees a lot of play, would be good to see him in the story), Warren Graves (cool ability, liked what I saw in the story)
  • SG: Jonah Essex (what were his plans? plus I like Sloane Hucksters), Sanford Taylor (shows up in story, card less frequently seen), Milton Clemons (opposite to Sanford - often in play, not in the story much so far)
  • 108: Xui Yin Chen (involved in some fiction), Jim Hexter (like the mechanics,
  • EW: Sarah Meoquanee (showed up in story/flavour text), Mariel Lewis (commonly used in game), Laughing Crow (shows up on flavour text)
  • Drifter: Clementine Lepp (frequently seen in play and fiction), Clint Ramsey (a cliche/classic archetype, a blank slate!)
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I had to go back and reread A Sky Full of Stars. The Ghostly Gun defiantly got shot, but Ivor did not count him among the fallen. I couldn’t find anything further about him that he dissipated and is most likely ‘licking his wounds’, and then no reference to him after. Maybe an harrowed abomination would be cool.

So beyond the six listed (maybe):
LD: Prescott Utter - want to see how he gets on. Wendy and an XP2 version of Lucy, especially as I’d expect one of these two to step up to K value to cover the Sheriff post, de facto or otherwise.
Sloane: I want to see a Jessica Patchett, but suspect that’s a Drifter if this happens. Jonah Essex for sure, possibly as a new Sloane K value as I think he’s earned it. The Fixer, because I’d like to see a new version. Ulysses Marks - reckon he’s earned it too. Alice Stowe because I want to see more Alice Stowe.
Morgan: Shane and Graves, both. Not an XP necessarily, but a new K value for definite. Jen Qi. She gets played enough! Dead Billy!
4R: Kevin. Because of course. Again, definitely a new K-value, who or whatever that is.
EW: Big Chief Steve in the interests of fairness. Sarah Meoquanee, Zachary Deloria, Mazatl.
108: T’ou Chi Chow - again, fairness. Xui Yin Chen. Stevie Lyndon. Benjamin Washington, because I want to see how he grows up.
Drifters: as mentioned, Jessica Patchett (once Sloane).


Lots of great suggestions above, on both mechanical and thematic grounds. :slight_smile:

Adding in a few more beyond my ideas as I posted this topic over on reddit and Boarg Game Geek to get wider community views. Here are what people over there said:

  • 4R: Smiling Tom (dead, but death isn’t much of a barrier in Deadlands, particularly for abominations), Bobo (harrowed, with a large dent in his forehead)
  • LD: Clyde Owens, Xiong “Wendy” Cheng (2 votes)
  • MCC: Jon Longstride
  • SG: Alice Stowe, Jose Morales, Maria Kingsford
  • 108: Mr Outang
  • EW: Sarah Meoquanee, Black Elk
  • Drifter: Old Man McDroste, Clementine Lepp, Theo Whateley-Boyer
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Okay people I would like to see ( even if it makes no nevermind story wise )
LD .Wendy ,Erik Samson ,Dave Montreal Sister Mary.
MCC Triple B ( Bucking Billy Ballard) ,The master of the iron horse Jen , James “Free money” Getty. Jon" I really should be a shammy" longstride
Sloan Gang . The fixer ,both of the Aims brothers , Alice ,
108 . Ben Washington, hamshanks ,the drunk monkey
Ew Dustyhill ( he is perhaps my favorite flavor character But never pops up in the story) 7feathers ,Jackson trouble as that name is just too bad ass to not use
4th ring Jake Smiley

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Bumping this to incorporate a post from Tim Meyer, a former story team member, over at Board Game Geek.

Had to let him know a couple of his suggestions had been killed off in typical Doomtown style, but lots of good suggestions here. :slight_smile: Even dead characters can come back harrowed, so Andreas & Angelica could be ideas for GenCon’s story prize.

"So these are not so much EX as just dudes I want to see as true Reloaded cards:
Jessica (formerly “Sloane”)
Nash Bilton (man, have I been trying to get that for like 15 years, or what?)
Carter Richardson (of Carter’s Bounties)

As for true EX characters, here’s my want list:
Andreas Andregg
Angelica Espinosa
Chaun “Jen” Qi
Felix Amador
El Grajo
Genesee “Gina” Tailfeathers
Miranda Clark
Sarah Meoquanee"

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Charlie Landers! I personally think it makes the most sense, out of the servitor’s cities, for him to be in Junkyard. I think the anonymity would appeal to him.
Lillian Morgan: Dodge City, most likely. I think what happens to her will depend on if Mina Devlin was happy with her performance in Gomorra.(I think this could go either way- she was originally just keeping an eye on the area, but we don’t know what was said between the two after that. Though I presume she wouldn’t suddenly drop her fued with Lula without orders from above) If she was, Lillian might be overseeing operations in Dodge. If not, well, I am going to guess: Curse of Ugliness! (Maybe she gets weaker with more than one other dude in her posse? According to Black Circle, witches can hide their ugliness from one person at a time)
Lula Morgan! Was Mina impressed with her ruthlessness, quick learning and willingness to use dark magic to achieve her goal? Maybe Mina will have her trained up in witchcraft, then will have Lula and Lillian duke it out? Loser loses their looks, maybe?
Also (though I know he’s dead, but as has been said, dudes can always Get Back Up Again) I thought Andreas was going to turn out to be Agency, keeping an eye out in Gomorra. Maybe he had to leave to go visit the Star Chamber?


It would be good to see more of the Morgan family feud, and it’s reasonably portable too as it is focused on people rather than specific assets. I suppose it can make Morgan a bit insular feeling, rather than interacting with other factions, but perhaps that could prompt one member of the family to seek outside help, driving conflict and drama?

You’re right about Andreas Andregg - he was a tribute card for one story member’s great grandfather, and the Mad Science keyword and the flavour text did indeed hint at Agency membership. :thumbsup:

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