Gomorra's Most Wanted - Rankings Updated

A huuuuuuuuge rankings update just went live!

I’ve added in a load of events from May and the table has had quite the shake up.

Still waiting for the Origins results so I’ll add those this month.

We have a new leader, CONGRATULATIONS Jimi May. Jimi took down the 20 player event in the UK claiming fistfuls of points as he went undefeated all day. No pressure now Jimi :smile:

Some more ratings stats:

Unique player IDs: 82
Total Games Ranked Worldwide: 332

Biggest Rivalry: Scott Wisely vs Andy Wroe — 3-2 to Scott

Biggest Ass Whoopin’: Stephen Horseley vs Dan Knight — 4 beatings handed out

As always, if you don’t want to appear on here, let me know and I can remove you.

1,354 (UK) Jimi May
1,337 (UK) George Wilkinson
1,327 (UK) Andy Wroe
1,320 (UK) Vince Turner
1,319 (US) Richard Collins
1,299 (UK) Dez Lambert
1,294 (US) Gabriel Kuhns
1,293 (US) Mike Welschmeyer
1,291 (US) Nick Glazer
1,288 (UK) Scott Wisely
1,279 (UK) Steve Chamberlain
1,275 (UK) Dave Ruddock
1,271 (UK) Dan Knight
1,265 (UK) Stephen Horsley
1,261 (UK) Steve Bailey
1,261 (US) Jessie Crawford
1,255 (UK) Karl Walsh
1,250 (UK) Jason Handy
1,247 (US) Matt Thatcher
1,243 (US) Chris Briley
1,242 (UK) Jon Beal
1,229 (US) Richard Carter
1,228 (US) Marek Jones
1,227 (US) Adam Fowler
1,226 (US) Jamie Kennedy
1,225 (UK) Richard Green
1,224 (UK) Adam Whitehouse
1,223 (UK) Dan VandenBurg
1,222 (US) D K Kemler
1,222 (UK) Paul Wadsworth
1,220 (UK) Dan Marks
1,219 (US) Jon Del Arroz
1,215 (US) Ian Golihew
1,211 (US) David Orange
1,206 (UK) John Clark
1,204 (US) Edward Su
1,203 (US) Josie Huang
1,203 (UK) Alan Eley
1,202 (UK) Elizabeth Real
1,198 (US) Justin Biolo
1,197 (US) Jason Lloyd
1,196 (US) Aaron Barto
1,193 (US) Ernest Cummings
1,188 (UK) Ian McAllister
1,185 (US) John Wesley
1,185 (UK) Geoff Thomas
1,184 (UK) Chris Marples
1,182 (US) Paul Bellitto
1,181 (US) Scott Zeigler
1,181 (US) John Nida
1,181 (UK) Lee Marshall
1,180 (US) Dominic Dee
1,178 (UK) John Bowers
1,178 (UK) Louise Dandy
1,177 (UK) Phil Baxter
1,176 (UK) Emily Allsop
1,175 (UK) Ryan --Reading–
1,172 (US) Travis Rhoades
1,171 (US) Karl Shmidt
1,168 (US) Ben Moyer
1,161 (UK) James Wax-Edwards
1,155 (US) Christopher Boyd
1,153 (US) Chris Holm
1,151 (US) Elijah Kaine
1,149 (UK) David Hogg
1,136 (US) Michael Smith
1,135 (US) Corrin Mana
1,133 (UK) Andy Walpole
1,133 (US) Ben Hosp
1,131 (US) Rov Rov
1,131 (UK) Dan Wright
1,130 (UK) Paul Dandy
1,119 (UK) Ben Crawford
1,102 (UK) James Thompson
1,099 (US) Aaron Schonter
1,097 (US) Ronneal Santos
1,093 (UK) Carl --Reading–
1,085 (UK) Levi Dandy
1,079 (UK) Kris Tucknott
1,051 (UK) Kirsty Darbyhire

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I apologise for this, but what does the number / position actually mean?

I’ve participated in two deputy events… so i have a ranking now?

If that’s the case - well that’s pretty cool :wink:

TOs send me the results from their events and I run them through a magic morgan-o-tron spreadhseet that spits out rankings based on who you played.

There will, in theory, be an article shortly explaining it more thoroughly.

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@Whizzwang kudos on making this ranking.


Is there a place for live, up-to-the-minute rankings?

One day, but not today.

I rely too much on TOs to actually send me results that I then have to enter manually myself.

The dream is one day to have an online thingy that you can use as tournament software that will immediately pull and upload the results. That day is a bit of a way off though.

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