Good values for Sloane besides 3, 5 and 7?

My friend and I share a card pool and we should be getting some more cards soon. We’ll have 2 cores, NTNR, DD and Frontier Justice. He’s currently using a 3-5-7 Sloane deck, but I’m planning on changing my A-2-8 Law Dogs to 2-3-8 because Sun in yer Eyes is great for forcing people to Cheat in shootouts.

So, what value should I replace his 3s with?

4s, you have good dudes, good deeds, coachwhips, and hounds and flask. Well in my Sloane I run 3/4/7 and it works.

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Well that really depends on the deck you are playing. I feel with the latest saddlebag, Jack has become a viable option for Sloane. This is a Holdup, Flight of the Lepus and A Coach Comes to town are cards I always wanted to try in Sloane. Harry Highbinder provides cheap influence and the Rapier is awesome with Marion Seville Exp. I built a rather experimental Sloane deck using Ace, 8 and Jack as draw structure, with the possibility to draw a DMH.

But I guess the more basic answer would be 4. Coachwhip, Marion Seville, Sanford Taylor, B&B Attorneys, Whiskey Flask/Puppet/the old dog all fit the Sloane Gang.


My go to numbers are generally 3,5,8