Greenhorn Online Round-Up: Begins September 21st

On September 21st we are hosting our first Online Greenhorn Tournament. This event is designed for new Doomtown players to place them on an even playing field with assistance from our Veteran players. Part of what makes the Doomtown community so great is the camaraderie among players that many of us are missing during the pandemic. We hope this is an opportunity for more players to meet each other and engage on Discord to play more Doomtown on an online platform.

The rules for this round-up are going to be a little different. Each player can identify a Veteran player to join them during their match-ups. This does not have to be the same Veteran, as we know scheduling can be difficult at times. You may seek advice during the match, beforehand, or in between rounds on deckbuilding and play.

Your matches will have no time limit unless predetermined by both players. You don’t need to sign up for any particular faction, and can change your deck each week if you would like. Players have one week to schedule and report their games. We will be mailing out AEG era promos for your participation and a PBE era playmat to the winner!

Sign ups can be done through this Google Form for Greenhorns and Veterns and you have until September 21st to sign up!



For those new to learning how to play online, go ahead and join the Discord channel so you have a couple weeks to check it out on OCTGN or TTS!


Friendly reminder we will get this round-up started on Monday pardners! On Sunday we’ll be reaching out to pair off Greenhorns and Veterans to make sure everyone is signed up!

Until then, enjoy this spoiler representing votes from the Servitor Series!


We will have 14 players participating in the Greenhorn Event!


We are still accepting sign ups until tomorrow.

Players will have 1 week to play their game each round.

Veterans can actively be part of the game or contacted for advice before, after, or during.

Players can change decks between rounds.

Round 1 is up! Everyone will be emailed to get set up:

Congratulations to Ricky Huff for being victorious in the Greenhorn Online Round-Up!


Deck list and write up can be found here