(GT) SPOILER from Booted Dudes... Mountain Lion Friend


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So it’s the Brute?

It’s like the brute but much worse. While it’s non-unique, it can’t be sacked for wretched, it can’t be in your starting crew (except with lucky, but than, why not start specks and errand boy).
It conflicts with other 6 of hearts, and cant act independently like a dude.
In my opinion, it would be so much better to run a cheap dude than this card.

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it’s an option, and like a lot of keyword cards it’s effectiveness is going to depend on other cards like if EW or others get more cards that itneract with sidekicks.

I think it’s pretty neat anyhow. And holy crap did it -explode- that jackalope.

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So… It’s for Three-Eyed Hawk. Except it copies part of her Ability?

how many other cheap dudes do you have at 6s?

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Exactly, I think a lot of people are missing in the deck construction angle when complaining that this isn’t “The Brute”.

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No, the real question is “how many cheap dudes do you have at 6h”?

Because that is basically what this card is. A 1-draw nonunique Dude that is a heart, and not a spade. If you can’t see possibilities there, you ain’t trying.


Hawk can attach it, get you a ghost rock, then trade it to someone else so it’s like she’s sharing her ability via her animal friends.

It also activates Auto-Revolver on your lone stud dude…
is that worth it? :smiley: