Have we heard if alderac considers doomtown successful?

So I recently started doomtown by buying it on clearance from miniature market and have loved the game. The only thing I was wandering was has it been considered enough of a success to continue development and possibly allow a 7th sea ecg? I personally have loved the game and would be interested in trying out what I hear is annother amazing game by them. It being on clearance has made me a little worried.

a.) I think DTR has been successful, but that is purely anecdotal. If nothing else I feel they are recruiting higher-and-higher quality artists for their card art. The last few sets have been spectacular more or less across the board. They wouldn’t be paying for better art if they couldn’t afford to do so.

b.) GenCon’s enhusiasm next week should be a good benchmark for the health of the game.

c.) No matter what I think it is far too premature to expect a 7th Sea or Warlord ECG. DTR will need to show long-term viability…it’s only been 1 year.


Well said. I know it’s too early for another ecg but I hope the sales would support atleast 1 or 2 more.


I know if 7th sea came back in some functionality I would love it.

I wonder if they’re looking at how Doomtown does in considerstion of taking L5R the ECG route.


Nothing would make me happier. Would start again with L5R in a heartbeat.

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I feel like 7th Sea would function better as an ECG, given the combination of both Ship and Captain for play. It’d be cool to see it back.

I wouldn’t mind Warlord making a return either, was a shame seeing that property get trashed and dragged out, it was a long, painful death.

It’s really frustrating actually, AEG makes some stupidly fun games out of some amazing properties and then either mishandles them or they hit at the wrong time. You get loyal to them and then have to suffer through watching them die out XP I’m glad Doomtown has been brought back and it seems like its doing well, hopefully it can maintain momentum. As many saddlebags and pine boxes as they’ve got lined up it’s at least got half a year left.


AEG has great game minds. They do not have great business minds. So, yes, they have a sad track record of making great games that don’t last as long as they could/should.

As someone who played in order Doomtown > LBS > Dune > 7th Sea > Warlord > Spycraft I thought I was downright cursed! The only one I didn’t play because I didn’t like it, L5R, is the only one that survived >_<


I quite liked L5R for a while, til they axed Ratlings and pushed the game to be centered strictly around ‘Samurai Drama’ rather than opening up on the asian fantasy thing (Oh and some of the major arc events. Story team had such a heart on for Daigotsu :P) . Which is why I really really liked LBS, it’s a shame it died so quickly, I feel like its model of varied factions was a -lot- more interesting, and why I fell in love with Deadlands so readily. I feel like diverse groups flesh out a universe and make more sense for really varied mechanics, 9 flavors of samurai just feels stifling.

But yeah, I very much agree, AEG has some brilliant creative minds, their management and business side… not so much. I’ve got favorites in pretty much all of their card games. So if there’s a chance we can see DTR style revivals for some of them. yeah, more power to the company.

Never got into the CCG-market back then but would buy a 7th sea reboot day 1, the theme looks so cool and i think my gf also likes the pirate theme after we played the Risen games together, and if it’s as rich as the Doomtown background it just has to be great, haha :slight_smile:

Now to try and give Doomtown to anyone i know mildly interested in western themes as birthday presents to hopefully get something going here and push this game…

I think one of the reasons L5R is still going is because it has a really staple core community which spends amounts of money for decks each tournament season that could buy you a decent used car.
The Kotei in Nuremberg was one of the biggest and its number of participants was nearly cut in half during the last years, because L5R fails to draw in new players.

So I really hope that the ECG format will help prevent that issue with DTR.

Had to look up lbs and Dune. Wow does Dune look amazing. That game is now at the top of my wishlist. Also they say they said that legend of the burning sands was kinda remade in “Romance of the Nine Empires”. Would you recommend that game?