Heartseeker in Sloane: 2 decklists in need of feedback!

Well, i haven’t got much time to test changes to my previous posted decklists (sorry) and here i am posting new ones. I should slow down. :slight_smile:
Anyway i wanted to try a regular Sloane huckter deck, and i wanted to try Heartseeker. After i made my first decklist, i thought of another decklist, so here i am with 2! Feedback from more experienced players appreciated!

First the Desolation Row Version:

Heartseeking Desolation

Desolation Row (Faith and Fear)

Starting with 3 wealth, 2 income and 2 influence (but a Jake Smiley so 4 sort of)

Dude (11)
1x Allie Hensman (Base Set) (A)
1x Jake Smiley (Base Set) (A)
1x Maria Kingsford (Faith and Fear) (2)
1x Fred Aims (Base Set) (2)
1x Lawrence Blackwood (Base Set) (3)
1x Miranda Clarke (Foul Play) (4)
1x Barton Everest (Base Set) (5)
1x Christine Perfect (Blood Moon Rising) (5)
1x Travis Moone (Base Set) (5)
1x Antheia Pansofia (No Turning Back) (9)
1x Emilia Vivirias (The Curtain Rises) (9)

Deed (7)
1x The Orphanage (Bad Medicine) (3)
1x Yan Li’s Tailoring (Base Set) (3)
2x B & B Attorneys (Base Set) (4)
1x Shane & Graves Security (Frontier Justice) (5)
1x Charlie’s Place (Base Set) (5)
1x Hunter Protections (Election Day Slaughter) (7)

Goods (5)
2x Peacemaker (Base Set) (2)
1x Shotgun (Base Set) (3)
2x Faithful Hound (New Town, New Rules) (4)

Spell (9)
2x Soul Blast (Base Set) (A)
3x Heartseeker (Blood Moon Rising) (3)
4x Corporeal Twist (Double Dealin’) (5)

Action (20)
2x Inner Struggle (A Grand Entrance) (A)
2x Make ‘em Sweat (New Town, New Rules) (A)
4x Bottom Dealin’ (Base Set) (2)
2x Sun in Yer Eyes (Base Set) (3)
2x The Stakes Just Rose (Base Set) (3)
2x Ambush (Base Set) (4)
2x We Got Beef! (Blood Moon Rising) (4)
4x Bad Company (Base Set) (5)

Then the Den of Thieves version:

Den of Thieves (The Light Shineth)

Starting with 3 wealth, 2 income (you never keep the Fixer) and 3 influence (again don’t keep the fixer :slight_smile: )

Dude (15)
1x The Fixer (Faith and Fear) (A)
1x Maria Kingsford (Faith and Fear) (2)
1x Genesee “Gina” Tailfeathers (Double Dealin’) (3)
1x Barton Everest (Base Set) (5)
2x Hamshanks (Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force) (5)
1x Makaio Kaleo, Esq. (Faith and Fear) (6)
1x Dave “Slim” Gorman (Blood Moon Rising) (7)
1x Angela Payne (Election Day Slaughter) (10)
1x Doris Powell (Dirty Deeds) (10)
1x José Morales (Double Dealin’) (10)
1x Antoine Peterson (A Grand Entrance) (J)
1x Rick Henderson (Bad Medicine) (J)
2x Tyxarglenak (Base Set) (J)

Deed (8)
1x Pearly’s Palace (Base Set) (5)
1x Shane & Graves Security (Frontier Justice) (5)
1x Charlie’s Place (Base Set) (5)
1x Baird’s Build and Loan (Double Dealin’) (10)
1x Carter’s Bounties (Base Set) (10)
1x Huntsmen’s Society (No Turning Back) (J)
1x Jackson’s Strike (Base Set) (J)
1x Undertaker (Base Set) (J)

Goods (2)
2x Rapier (No Turning Back) (J)

Spell (13)
4x Heartseeker (Blood Moon Rising) (3)
4x Corporeal Twist (Double Dealin’) (5)
3x Shadow Walk (Base Set) (10)
2x Forget (New Town, New Rules) (J)

Action (14)
4x Bad Company (Base Set) (5)
2x Kidnappin’ (Base Set) (7)
2x Putting The Pieces Together (The Curtain Rises) (10)
2x Unprepared (Base Set) (10)
2x Flight of the Lepus (Frontier Justice) (J)
2x Hex Slingin’ (Base Set) (J)

The Desolation row was a try at a classic shootout deck, with lot of good actions, and low value but big in battle huckster skills to compensate. After building it though i did not feel that satisfed about it, the hand rank weren’t that good, also with that card list i felt like i really wanted more shotguns which were competing with my heartseeker.

So i made a more high value, high hand rank oriented one in Den of Thieves. That one is really all in on Heartseeker. It cheats all the time, have good to great hand ranks. I do not like that much my starting lineup though, not enough stud, but if you want huckster and low upkeep, it’s hard to do otherwise. Also not that many cheatin reslution punishment or good shootout actions.

So thoughts ?

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