Heartskeeker + Flight of the Lepus

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Heartseeker says (paraphrased) “Shootout: If you win this round, ace the opposing shooter”

If you send the shooter home with Flight of the Lepus in the resolution phase and win the round, but there are opposing dudes left in their posse, does the shooter who is now at home and out of the shootout still get aced?

One point to consider is whether the shootout action is targeting/affecting a dude at the time of being cast or is it at the time of the delayed effect being triggered by winning - and if so whether it can still do so vs a dude now not in the shootout.

If Heartseeker does still ace them, can this be prevented using Hiding in the Shadows?

Thanks for asking. We’re hoping to get a full consensus before answering this question.


Sorry for the long wait, but this brought up plenty of discussion on RT as to how this goes.

So, here’s the short of it. Heartseeker basically has one of the most powerful lines in the game.

“This acing effect cannot be prevented.”

Prevention is a wide umbrella. Leaving the shootout, ending the shootout early, and Hiding in the Shadows are all prevention and won’t stop Heartseeker.

The short of it is once your shooter is determined, your only chance at saving your shooter is winning the shootout hand.

It CAN be canceled by slight modification as it is a cancelation instead of prevention.

RT is discussing a more developed definition for “prevention” and “cancellation” or “negation” in order to make this a simpler and more streamlined rule.


By “it can be canceled by Slight Modification” do you mean the original firing of the heartseeker (i.e. before the pull?). After the ability is applied it’s too late for a slight modification to do anything, since the ability already happened.

Correct. Canceling heartseeker when it is cast.

I was going to go review my discussions of the card from PT, but AEG has (within the past week or some) completely wiped the main PT forum. Oddly, they still have the Let’s talk about… and session report sub forums archived.

I would have thought HitS “… cannot choose or affect that dude with Shootout abilities.”
against Heartseeker would trigger the rule about opposing cannots - Winner decides.

I would expect the same to happen with Heartseeker vs. Shield of Faith. How would that play out?

Actually, I was under the impression that Heartseeker was one of the main reasons for the ruling about opposing “cannot effects” :slight_smile:

Right now, we are considering HitS a prevention effect. As it is preventing heartseeker from doing its job.

As mentioned above, we will likely further address what prevention means in this game sometime in the future.