HEG & GG Present: Doomtown Classic Image Sets, Part 1

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Howdy, y’all! We here at the Gazette welcome our partners at Harrowed Entertainment Group. HEG is happy to announce the first installment in a new series of resources: complete image sets of the classic Deadlands: Doomtown!

This first installment covers all cards printed during the game’s initial “Rolling Thunder” days. For those unfamiliar, this was an experimental release schedule used for several games published by the Five Rings Publishing group (two others being Legend of the Five Rings and Legend of the Burning Sands), that constituted a steady roll-out of a new, approximately 50-card “episode” expansion every month or two.

To kick things off for Doomtown, the inaugural release was a larger set (about 150 cards) combining episodes 1 & 2 (to establish a solid card pool). This was then followed by episodes 3-9 all released individually under the aforementioned structure.

As for the bugs (i.e. expansion symbols) used to differentiate printings in these sets, they are as follows:

  • Episodes 1-3: no symbol
  • Episodes 4-6: club icon
  • Episodes 7-9: diamond icon

In addition to the new cards available in each episode, there were also reprints from previous episodes included in each episode’s 60-card starter deck. These reprints used the same bug as the regular cards in the episode that they were printed in conjunction with. As such, the episode 4-6 and 7-9 reprints, respectively, are nigh impossible to differentiate from each other if they were printed in more than one deck. With that in mind, those reprints are organized as their own “sets,” respectively referred to by HEG as “Episode 4-6 Reprints” and “Episode 7-9 Reprints,” and have their own folders outside of each episode’s folder in this image set.

Lastly, I would like to mention that, as an information professional, I feel the need to disclaim that I personally wish these images had turned out as slightly higher quality, but, A) I only own a cheaper model scanner, and B) I had to balance man-hours with scan quality when it came to making this project feasible. That said, the images are completely usable, legible, and give an accurate enough reflection of what each card looks like as printed.

To download the image set, please click here.

Enjoy browsing, and we hope you look forward to the rest of the sets ahead!


As someone who never got the chance to play Classic when it was still in print, i now wish i had the ability to travel in time. These cards are freakin’ fantastic.

Ebay, here i come!

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Hey guys! Can anybody upload these classic doomtown image sets? Links are dead now

You should be able to download them using this link: Dropbox - Doomtown Scans - Simplify your life

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