HEG & GG Present: Doomtown Classic Image Sets, Part 2

Originally published at: http://gomorragazette.com/2016/04/20/heg-gg-present-doomtown-classic-image-sets-part-2/
Greetings again, compadres! Harrowed Entertainment Group once again saddles up with the good ol’ Gomorra Gazette to bring you more of those classic Deadlands: Doomtown images.

In part 1 of this series, we brought you the complete images for everything that came out in the initial Rolling Thunder days of classic, including the starter deck reprints. Now for part 2, we’ve got two more ZIP files of complete image sets at your disposal!

First up is Shootout at High Noon (which has an upside-down triangle for its expansion bug), a ready-to-play set of Blackjacks and Law Dogs decks that served as a quick entry point to the game after the conclusion of Rolling Thunder. This release also culminated the rivalry of those two factions that had been brewing throughout the Rolling Thunder story arc. As such, all the cards in these decks were reprints from those sets, except for two brand new cards (never printed elsewhere): “Corky Hendricks exp.” and “Eddie Bellows exp.”

Since that one’s such a small set, being just two decks and all, part 2 of this series also includes the complete scans of Pine Box Edition (which has a heart for its expansion bug). Although “Episodes 1&2” kickstarted the Rolling Thunder releases with a larger release than the other episodes, Pine Box was the first truly full-size set of the game at 320 cards. It marked a new phase for the game in several ways:

  • The Rolling Thunder distribution experiment had underperformed, and the game was going to enter distribution in a "block" structure, not dissimilar from what folks have seen with Magic: The Gathering. Thus, Pine Box would be the big set of the year, with several other small sets to follow (Mouth of Hell, A Reaping of Souls, and Revelations in this case).
  • Following the diffuse release of the Rolling Thunder Episodes, Pine Box was made up of 300 reprints (plus 20 new cards). This helped players who hadn't had access to the cards from every single Episode, as Rolling Thunder's rapid release had been a lot for stores and players to keep up with.
  • It served as a transition point between the storyline of the Rolling Thunder sets (which had just culminated with the Shootout at High Noon release). The reprints served as a recap of everything that had been established in town over that arc, and the 20 new cards teased where the story and cards were heading in the aftermath of the Law Dogs and Blackjacks showdown.
The 20 new cards in Pine Box were 10 experienced dudes (one for each faction, exclusive to that faction's starter deck) and 10 cards of various other types (each designed to synergize with a particular faction, available in that faction's starter deck, but also found in regular boosters, unlike the dudes).

The 10 experienced dudes were:

  • "Buckets" Nelson
  • Danny Hamilton
  • Dolores Whateley
  • Elijah
  • Gerald Klippstein
  • Jim MacNeil
  • Nate Hunter
  • Rachel Sumner
  • The Ghost
  • Tioga Joe
The 10 non-dude cards were:
  • All Saints Day
  • Between the Shoulderblades
  • Burial Ground
  • Bushwacked
  • California Queen
  • Demon's Eye
  • Ghost Rock Detector
  • Hell's Comin' with Me
  • Takin' Precautions
  • Unlucky Charm
We hope you enjoy the latest entry in this series, and look forward to bringing you part 3, the infamously scarce Mouth of Hell!

To download the Shootout at High Noon image set, please click here.

To download the Pine Box Edition image set, please click here.

To download last week’s image set, Rolling Thunder, please click here.


Man I really love this. I was not around for classic so seeing all the cards just makes me happy that this game has such a long tradition. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks! This brought back happy memories as the first Doomtown cards I ever bought were a couple of pineboxes and some mouth of hell starters.

High quality scans too.