HEG & GG Present: Doomtown Classic Image Sets, Part 4

Originally published at: http://gomorragazette.com/2016/06/25/heg-gg-present-doomtown-classic-image-sets-part-4/
Harrowed Entertainment Group and the Gazette are happy to bring you part 4 of our ongoing series of Classic Doomtown card scans: A Reaping of Souls! (If you missed out on parts 1-3, see below for links to previous scans).

Previously on Doomtown, we saw the shift from the Rolling Thunder release schedule to a more standard “big set plus expansions” release model most folks are more familiar with in the world of CCGs. A Reaping of Souls was the second full-size expansion for the game, following on the heels of the Pine Box Edition large set, and its first expansion Mouth of Hell. It contained 181 brand new cards, plus 67 reprinted cards only available in starter decks.

After new trouble started brewing between all the factions in Mouth of Hell, A Reaping of Souls is where the “Kingdom Come” storyline of Pine Box and its three expansions really kicks into high gear. The Collegium successfully sinks the Maze Rats ship, the Typhoon. Under Howard Findley, Sweetrock kicks zombie mining into full gear, so corporate sends out Mr. Prim to remove him— a man who Mr. Findley promptly bludgeons to death with a bust of Mr. Prim.

Sensing a threat greater than either the Texas Rangers or Agency can handle alone, those outfits begrudgingly set aside their conflicts regarding the Civil War and form the Coalition to focus on the machinations of the Whateleys and Flock, who they’re pretty sure are conspiring to foment something huge and terrible.

And worst of all, we find out that not only was there a mother lode of ghost rock in the heart of town, but the Coalition is right, and the Whateleys and Flock are using the lode to open up a portal straight to Hell, letting the demon Knicknevin straight into the heart of town. His arrival is the cliffhanger before the next set, Revelations, where we see Austin Stoker lead the town’s forces of good against Knicknevin’s horde.

Up next, HEG and GG bring you the conclusion to the Knicknevin cliffhanger in Revelations!

To download the A Reaping of Souls image set, please click here.

To download the Mouth of Hell image set, please click here.

To download the Pine Box Edition image set, please click here.

To download the Shootout at High Noon image set, please click here.

To download the Rolling Thunder image set, please click here.

Wow guys, this is amazing! Thanks a lot!

//Would be soo happy if someone would upload something like this for 7th Sea…

A question: could you please give us a link (for us uninitiated) with some viable decks to play with these cards? Thanks again.


Thanks Jordan,
just checked some decklists on that page, seems like eternal fun with these cards.