Hell's Comin' With Me Legend Article III of III: Lacy O'Malley

Our final Legend article from HCWM!



Really good article!

Oh, you can use the Cheatin’ Resolution of Ancestor’s Reproach in lowball?

I thought since it’s only one sentence (“An Ancestor Spirit enters play at this location and joins your posse”,.with no “If this is a shootout…”), you need to fulfill the whole thing and couldn’t use it if there’s no posse to join?

Good catch! That line was not caught at editing. There was a time in playtest when it could be used in lowball, but that was removed.

Per RT, it cannot be used in lowball because there is no posses at that time.

Thanks - maybe fix it now so other readers don’t get confused?

The Silent Sigil/Lacy interaction probably deserves a place in the FAQ, too - I don’t think I’m the only one who assumed that Lacy’s mandatory discard of all cards trumps SS’s reduction of 1 for the number of cards you “can” discard.

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Playtest giveth and it taketh away. RT took a view on this interaction during testing and I felt it reasonable to include

Frequently you will hold a card at the end of your turn to ensure you have cheatin’ punishment or at least give the impression that you have some. Lacy nullifies that strategy, so on table cheatin’ punishment is a must.

I see this argument, but you could also make the opposite case: That Lacy is particularly well suited to decks that don’t use permanent Cheatin’ punishment but instead rely on a high number of Cheatin’ action cards - since this carries the risk of hand jam against a legal deck, while you have decent chance of drawing at least one new one when refilling your hand.


Article fixed. I do love to see the different points of view on Lacy and looking forward to what people come up with!