Hellstromme and Harrowed dudes

If Hellstrommes conditions are met, and an opposing harrowed dude is discarded from the shootout, do they get aced instead?

“If a Harrowed dude in play gets aced by a card effect (but not through being aced to cover
casualties in a shootout), discard that dude instead of acing them.”

As long as the harrowed dude isn’t just booted home, I’d say that Hellstrommes ability kicks in. But it does require you to ace the harrowed in the first place, cause, taking him as a casualty counts as “1 lower” in the list.

This question has been seen by rules team and is being discussed.

I read it as the Harrowed has two real options: sent home (covering 1) or aced (covering 2 or 3 “fairly”)

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This ruling is probably best answered through a step by step process to ensure transparency.
players X and Y are having a shootout and player X wins by 2 ranks, player Y chooses dude A (who is harrowed) to cover the total casualties, due to his being harrowed this means he would be discarded, player X then chooses to react with Hellstromme. This becomes a replacement effect covered in the rulebook and FAQ by the following statement;

Some Reacts replace the original event with a new event; these can be identified by the use of the
word “instead” within their text. Once a React of this type is played, the original react window is
closed and the replacement event occurs. Additional Reacts can then be played in response to
that new event.

Dude A has already left play at this point and therefore is no longer harrowed (harrowed only works while in play) he therefore is Aced.

TLDR; Harrowed only works whilst in play, Hellstromme says after an opposing dude is discarded or aced.