Help Kirsty and Others

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Perhaps we can help. You literally have some of the best players and strategists in the game right here and they always love to help.

You rang? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Welcome @nocto (Kirsty)!

I will say that I am not one of the best players or strategists, and I completely understand the frustration you feel.

This game can be very difficult to pick up on.

The best thing I can say is to make sure you have a few legal decks, an experienced, and patient, player to play against, and start grinding your deck into theirs.

That’s roughly how I started figuring out what was lacking in my deck (typically, mobile influence, or ways to unboot my Dudes).

For more specific help, what sort of decks do you enjoy so far?

Typically Kirsty will run one of two decks, either a Morgan shooter (almost dudes n deeds) or a LD blessed deck

Hello first what decks do u see them playing and what decks are you playing. Is it the rules that are the problem. Or is it a certain card or cards that you are seeing that are frustratung. This game had many counters due to outfits and play style.

Then what structure are you running

For LD Blessed I think you have pretty much 2 general ways to run them currently:
1.) Starting Inbody and Wendy. Use Inbody to support Wendy for greater effect and play more of a board control type of game, backed up by Bounty Hunters and strong defensive shooting.
2.) Starting Abram XP and Andrew Burton out of the Arsenal. Use Burton to give you an immediate wanted target and a back-up Blessed. Use Abram for fast aggression using The Arsenal’s ability.

8’s are a must-have value for any LD deck at this point. Aside from that I’d favor 10’s as well because Unprepared and Walk The Path are some of the best cards in the game, IMO. After those two you have some options, but I’d tend to lean on 6’s, 7’s, or possible Q’s depending on which approach you favor from the above 2 options presented.

Keep at it! We fall only so we can get up again :smiley:

My Suggestion - Play Law Dogs. Not LD Blessed not LD Mad Science. Just Law Dogs. Wendy, Phil, and the gang. They have a good range of abilities and cards available in their various potential structures that should run you through the paces of the core mechanics. And they don’t suck. They’re strong in shoot outs, have solid influence, and can punish cheating pretty hard.


I may have been exaggerating the “understand it less each time” bit there a little… but thanks anyway.

I like playing about with different things and having fun with them. I have a Sloane deck that shoots reasonably well but it isn’t terribly interesting to play. Most of my decks have been running mad scientists out of Morgan and later Law Dogs, and I’ve been trying out the Miracles since Faith & Fear came out and am looking forward to them getting their act more together in the future.

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Kirsty is a much better player than she gives herself credit for. We have a particularly skilled playgroup that she can certainly hold her own within,

What Alex said - but I’d amend that to include 3 Steven Wiles + 4 Bounty Hunters. Yan Li’s, Fancy New Hat, etc. and make 'em wanted and go get 'em :smiley:

Did I play Kirsty in the the first round of the deputy event in Huddersfield at the end of May?

I’ve only been playing a short time, only thing that helped me was getting as many games in as I could! However the number of players IRL is limited near me so I also started playing on OCTGN (PC client) it’s a bit clunky but it got me the games.

One thing I did do though was choose a tournie winning deck that interested me (& my playstyle) , on and used it religiously until I understood how to pilot it fairly well? I’ve now used it twice in tournies - placed in both (very happy) but now that I’ve managed that I’m getting the confidence and inclination to look for another deck to pilot.

If you’re interested in a game on OCTGN I use the same handle - SereneJ, it installs easy and DbO has put instructions for installation up which I used!
I will happily go through the necessary command codes with you!

Anyways, hope that helps!