Heroes of the Storm

When I find myself with some free time at my PC I really enjoy HotS. Been playing since tech alpha, and with Open Beta hitting this week I’m interested to see who all plays.

I’m playing a bit sometimes. I like it more than the other DOTA-clones atm.

There’s how I feel. The shorter games and stronger focus on team work are what hooked me. I can’t get into LoL or DOTA2 at all. And so far the community isn’t as bad.

For me it’s the fact that support heroes focus on actually doing support and can actually help in teamfights or even hold a lane alone for a bit. In the other games, a support is a glorified ward placer and is not allowed to build up themselves to help the fight as they need to spend all their money helping their carry. Also there are no “hard carry” mechanics.

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Yeah I have a blast when I play Lili. Her heals are over the top - which is great because I typically drift towards healers and support in team based games. However Chen has been a lot of fun too.

The lack of gear progression also helps, I’m not constantly having to interrupt what may be a strong push just to go back and buy a vital upgrade. I just pick my talent and go.

Li Li is love, Li Li is life.

People say Li Li is the worst support because “all she does is heal”, and doesn’t provide damage (like Tassadar and Tyrande) or crowd control (like Uther and Brightwing). But she just has SO MUCH healing, especially once you get Kung Fu Hustle, aka The Single Best Talent In The Game, and you’re disgorging a Jug of 1,000 Cups every 20 seconds.

Bizz definitely did a great job of making this game more newbie-friendly than LoL or DOTA 2. I was surprised when Valve said DOTA 2 would be identical to DOTA in basically every way, since “streamlining” is usually their big thing; I guess Blizz had to step up to fill that gap. Hopefully it pays off for them.

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I play a White Mage in FFXIV - when some one told me that Lili was pure heals, I was like “Purchase”.

Gazlowe is where it’s at. Mad Science and the ability to raid camps solo and even solo the boss late-game, because otherwise random team-mates just don’t give a fuck.

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Dude, I’m all about the pre-mades with voice chat. I hate playing with more than 2 randoms. It’s crazy frustrating.

You’re lucky to have enough friends on-call then :smile:

Fotonurth#1151. I’m not playing a lot now that the migration is in full swing but we can totally get matches in.

Time Zones, man! I’ll add ya, but I doubt we can play together.

I’m up all hours of the night. My toddler has me on a sleep 4 hours, wake up, nap 3 hours, wake up, nap 2 hours sleep cycle. We’ll make a game happen at some point.

Heh, in that case, we should be playing DTR on OCTGN and streaming :wink: