Historical Deadwood Figures: Final Welcome to Deadwood Spoilers

As previously announced, Welcome to Deadwood has been picked up at port and due to arrive at the warehouse on 12/28/2020. At such time as possible, preorder fulfillments will ship to consumers and stores.

The following are spoilers for cards featuring historic figures in Deadwood. We’ve requested that on 12/25/2020, all cards from Welcome to Deadwood can be viewed on the Doomtown Database at dtdb.co.

For those Deadlands fans wondering where the Harrowed Wild Bill Hickock is, I’ll just say we have plans :slight_smile:

Seth Bullock and Al Swearengen have been previously spoiled.

(excerpt from Deadlands: The Last Sons)

A good place for a night’s diversion, the Gem is known more for the hospitality of its “hostesses” than the quality of its entertainment. The Gem features prize fights (although to date, no prizes have been awarded), plenty of liquor, and stage shows as well. On the upper level is a full-service saloon. The owner, Al Swearengen, has ties to the Chinatown opium trade.

(excerpt from Deadlands: The Last Sons)

After he murdered Wild Bill Hickok in Deadwood in 1876, Jack McCall was captured and tried by a miner’s court. The cowardly bushwhacker explained that he shot Hickok over a poker debt, and he also claimed to be the brother of Samuel Strawhim, a man killed by Hickok in 1869. The jury believed McCall’s story and acquitted him. Rumors abound that McCall was hired to kill Hickok to prevent him from becoming marshal, and that some of his employers may have even been on the jury. The haunted shell of a two-bit killer is all that remains of Jack McCall. Once he was a mercenary, proud of his own cruelty, who’d been hired by some Deadwood businessmen to deal with a little “problem” they were having. Things have gone downhill since then.

(excerpt from Deadlands: The Last Sons)

Over the last several years Bass and his gang have robbed their way across the West. The Texas Rangers, Agency, US Marshals, and a handful of bounty hunters are all after him. After years on the run, Sam Bass is back in Deadwood, where he hopes none of them can find him. His capture or killing brings a $500 reward. Despite his notoriety, Bass is not a very violent outlaw. He shoots back if shot at, and he’s killed his fair share of lawmen, but he prefers to threaten his victims into giving him what he wants. He is especially sympathetic to women, cripples, and old folks, and (out of sheer kindness) he usually doesn’t search them or steal from them during robberies.

(excerpt taken from Legends of America website and Deadlands: The Last Sons)

Aunt Lou Marchbanks runs a hell of a kitchen out of the Grand Central Hotel.

Except for “Aunt Sally” Campbell who came with the Custer Expedition in 1874, most believe that Lucretia Marchbanks was the first black woman in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Born a slave in Putman County, Tennessee on March 25, 1832, Lucretia belonged to a slave owner named Martin Marchbanks, whose father had settled east of Algood, Tennessee. Lucretia’s father was half African American and half white and the half brother of Martin Marchbanks. Before the Civil War even began, her father was able to purchase his freedom for $700, which he had spent years very carefully saving.

Lucretia, the oldest of eleven children, grew up on the Marchbanks plantation where she was trained in cooking and housekeeping. She was “given” to Marchbanks’ oldest daughter who she traveled west with prior to the Civil War. Once she was freed by the Emancipation Proclamation, Lucretia continued to travel, spending time in California, before returning to her home in Tennessee. However, having gotten a taste of the West, she soon headed that way again, working in the gold camps of Colorado before being lured by the reports of gold in the Black Hills. Arriving in Deadwood on June 1, 1876, she soon found work as the Kitchen Manager in the Grand Central Hotel. In no time, the hotel, which really wasn’t so grand, was better known for the great food served in its restaurant and Lucretia had become known as “Aunt Lou” in Deadwood Gulch.

(excerpt from Deadlands: The Last Sons)

Deadwood Dick is the nickname of Nat Love, a famous black cowboy who has made Deadwood his home. He acquired the moniker after winning the roping, shooting, and wild horse riding competition at the Centennial celebration. Nat runs a saloon frequented by many of the black miners in town, the Wooly Buffalo. Though folks in the West have mostly put aside such prejudices these days, Nat is the de facto leader of the black community on the rare occasions when someone forgets their manners. He dresses almost exclusively in trail clothes, except when attending church.


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