Hot Shotgun Remy

The concept is pretty straightforward. Use Irving to produce a ton of deeds while you camp in the square with everyone else. Equip as many shotguns as you can carry, use hot lead and get straight flushes when you can. I’m yet to play test it, any feedback?

Hot Shotgun Remy 3-6

Morgan Cattle Co. (Base Set)

Dude (14)

Deed (10)

Goods (8)

Action (20)

Cards up to Ghost Town

Decklist published on DoomtownDB.

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If I learned one thing when I was trying to make straight flushes work it’s that you’re going to want actions that you can use during noon. If it’s all shootout and resolution abilities they’re going to start clogging your hand which makes getting a straight flush a lot harder. Especially once you start buying shotguns people will be wary to start fights with you so you’re going to be waiting on your Kidnappings.

That being said, shotgun decks don’t always need the shootout power until later in the game. At which point you should have big studs to help you pull big hands.

Personally I’d lose two/three Winchesters for some combination of dudes/deeds. Shotguns are expensive and so is Remy’s ability so being able to guarantee a deed T1 is very important. Also if you plan to make use of Hot Lead Flyin’ you’ll want to be able to replace whoever you lose.

Fair warning, all my shotgun/straight flush experience is out of Law Dogs so my advice could be completely off base! Give it a few test games to see what you think you’re missing.

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Good thoughts, and in line with that I have a suggestion: maybe 2-4 Fiddle Game’s instead of the pistol whips. This is a good deck type to take advantage of that sweet new card. Plus then Moran will be even better.

Speaking of which - what was the thought behind starting Henry Moran? Without Fiddle Game in the deck, I’d suggest Willa Mae instead. One free ‘get out of a bad shootout free’ card is nice with square-camping decks.

Otherwise looks pretty solid.


All great suggestions, especially Willa. Willa is great.

Option 1 Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB
Different draw structure (14x13x12 on 3-5-6 with straight flush), more deeds. Not sure if the structure is too weak.

Option 2
Same as OP but with 2x fiddle game acting as deeds 11 and 12. Might switch to 3s 5s since I’m starting Willa and can’t get proper a 16x16 structure using 6s.

Option 3
Drop the straight flush. Maybe even go A-2-3 with legendary holster, bottom Dealin and Allie Hensman.

EDIT: Potentially like this Deckbuilder · DoomtownDB

Play lots of games with all 3 and see which one works best :smile:

I have never built a straight flush deck, so I can’t speak to that. That’s something I should really do, just to experiment and see how it works.

Well so far I’m averaging 1.5 straight flushes per game, thanks to 7+ stud ratings. Only over 4 games though.

I might try a horse version too, starting Byrne and Jarret Blake.