How do replies work?

Why some of the posts display both as a replay and single comments? Sometimes they make no sense on their own , is it intended?

If it’s a direct reply, like this, there’s a little link at the top that shows you the post it is replying to.

Takes a little getting used to if you’re new to this software, but may God it’s awesome when you get your head round it.

And yet you managed not to do a direct reply when saying this, so there’s no actual link at the top of yours :stuck_out_tongue:

I did, I think it only works if there’s a post gap. If it’s the directly following post to what you’re replying to, it doesn’t appear to do it.

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I think I understand why it is done this way, but wouldn’t it be better to make a copy ( containing all the answers) of the post that gets replies at the end of a topic (triggered by a reply) rather than have a potentially large number of comments that are meaningless without context?

“reply”, not “replay”, :wink:

I don’t understand what your suggestion o.O

Eh, I’m typing on my phone and my spelling is horrible anyway. I believe that a reason for “duplicating” comments is to show that the discussion in one of the comments is still active, without moving the comment from its place. What I asked about is, if it wouldn’t better to duplicate whole oryginal comment with all replays to it at the end of current thread (triigered by replay to it) instead of having many comments ( often hard/impossible to understand without context) with a link to first comment.

I still don’t understand. You mean a quote, like I am doing right now?

The copy of original post with all the answers to it (just one in entire thread) instead of multiple comments with a link to original comment.

I literally cannot parse what this means :confused:

Lets do it differently then :). Am i right by assuming that comments to a comment are being displayed at the and of a thread to show recent activity without moving original comment from its possition?

Yes. However, if there are a number of posts in between, the reply and the original post get little links to each other so you can regain context.

Ok. Now the forum isn’t very active and it might not be a big problem, but in the future we will have very active threads that may contain comments that get a lot of answers to them. Reading such a thread will be very hard. I am thinking whether replacing all those single comments with a copy of original comment and all answers to it wouldn’t be a better idea( possibly with different presentation, last comment first, with option to show all coversation/expand). It will show activity, save space, and prevent from confusion, at the moment we have to check if the icon is there to find out whether it is a comment to a comment or not. I hope this time I was easier to understand.

Even if that were possible, how would it even work? Have the whole discussion duplicated 5 or 10 times? Or maybe I’m still not understanding you.

Just once, and only in reasonable distance from original comment.

It sounds like mandatory quoting and I don’t think it’d be better. It would prolly make the discussion unnecessarily confusing to suddenly see it repeat.