How do you make a poll?

Like it says in the title. Been spelunking about on how to make one, can’t seem to find one in the FAQ or anywhere else. Lil help?

You start the poll with: [ poll ] (no spaces)

Each item needs to be started on a seperate line and needs to begin with -

Then simply end the poll with [ /poll ] (no spaces)

Did this poll work?
[ poll ]
[ /poll ]

Edit: So, like this? because this didn’t work

…I must be doing something wrong. or can it only be created in a initial post?

How should you write poll options:

  • dash option (-yes)
  • space dash option ( -yes)
  • dash space option (- yes)
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Try this

 - yes
 - no

Should give you a good starting point to see how things work.


  • Yes
  • No
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Edit: ha, that worked. the tac needs a space after it. thanks guys!