How does Takin Ya With Me interact with dudes like Zachary deloria

So, how do we go about determining bullet ratings for dudes who’s bullets are contingent on a trait? Or those who have any kind of bullet bonus for that matter?

Takin’ Ya With Me checks the dude’s bullets in the discard pile, so whatever’s on the card ignoring any modifiers that were applied to them during the shootout (as it’s still during a shootout, dudes still in play are still under the effect of any bullet modifiers). If the printed value is a question mark, or a token dude that doesn’t go to your discard pile, then it’s treated as 0.

If the casualty remains in play due to a card effect, being harrowed or some other shenanigans then their bullet value including any modifiers currently in effect is used.

If Zachary becomes harrowed through Turtle’s Guard and then goes home booted as a casualty, his bullets would be equal to the highest influence among your dudes at home, plus/minus any modifiers affecting him.


Thanks, that all makes sense. That last scenario came up this weekend and luckily I ended up getting the rules right.