How helpful are co-admins/mods in conducting events and maintaining forums?

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I have a facebook page and group supporting women issues. We discuss problems faced by women in their everyday lives and try to come up with solutions. Many women also share their problems anonymously as we provide a safe and secure platform for them to do so. Apart from that, we also conduct events and workshops on different topics related to women empowerment. Our forums have gained popularity over the years and have helped many women in getting their voices heard. Now the problem is we have more than two thousand members and it is becoming difficult for us to manage everything. We are looking for some help in terms of managing the forums and conducting events. As increasing moderators and admins will cost us a lot, we want to take your help in terms of conducting these events. Also, we want to encourage more posts and comment activity by offering some rewards or deals to most active members, But since our platform is a social enterprise and we don’t have much funds, I Am looking for some ideas to get these things done in a cost effective way.
So I’m here to get some helpful suggestions about the issues I face or have to face in future. Here are my main concerns that I am looking to solve.

How helpful are co-admins/mods in conducting events and maintaining forums?

How can I hire or select good co-admins/mods?

What are the costs associated with conducting events and maintaining forums?

How can I get more people to participate in events and be active on forums?

What are your thoughts on giving rewards/deals to active users?

What are some cost effective ways to offer rewards or deals to active members?

Is there any website offering good deals and coupons on home goods or clothing (Iam considering some daily essential items discounts to active users)?

Looking forward to getting some good answers.
Thanks in advance!

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