How this for experience? (Travis Moone xp)


Wauw! This really opens starting posibilities… And Den of Thieves shenanigans…

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Thanks for the link!

Not only is Travis Exp interesting mechanically (a grifter that doesn’t trigger at the start of the game, strong stud shooter that can overlay on a common starting dude and with an inbuilt way to manage card draw), but I always liked seeing the lesser dudes in the first Doomtown get experienced versions. It helps flesh out the town and shows that events proceed involve on multiple levels - the story isn’t just about the high value dudes. Bob Bidwell, CL and Billy No Neck were all intersting drifters who got experienced versions.

Jessie Freemont even joined the Law Dogs after being a drifter and referenced the change in his flavour text and art. :smile:

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