How to build / play Clown Control

Hello everyone! I am brand new to the game and have been browsing the various archetypes while trying to create my own deck. I haven’t had much luck so I thought I’d start off by net-decking (playing a deck someone else made, to better understand the game before I start creating my own stuff.

I was wondering if anyone could provide some insight into the Clown Control sub theme and what cards I should be using in it. What kind of draw structure should I be shooting (pun intended) for? Any help would be greatly appreciated :smiley:

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Here is an example. Staple cards - Paralisys Marks, Blood Curse, cheap low control deeds.

How to pilot? It’s easy - don’t shoot!

The unfortunately unhelpful answer is, it depends.

But most hex based control decks divide into two sub groups.

  1. Shootout control

  2. Board Control

Both decks are incredible but as with all hex decks require a bit of understanding to run.

Shootout control lovingly nicknamed “pay to win” uses a slightly looser structure than most shootout decks in order to take advantage of a large number of shootout resolution cards. In doing so it punishes the most popular deck structure which is the full house/ 4 of a kind.

A deck like this would be built on a structure roughly like this.

14- J
14- Q
12- 10
8- Non structured cards
4 Starting dudes

An example

Board control hexes is significantly more difficult to play well. It requires that you have a very high knowledge of what you and your opponent could do on any given turn since you cant shoot but that doesnt mean that you cant move about and sit on deeds.

A deck built in this “structure” would be incredibly loose in order to get the most useful spells and actions possible.

I just won a tournament with this for example.

Obviously you will find that depending on your meta you may change some of the card pool around. For example my deck doesn’t have any anti cheating cards, because i literally will never shoot unless i will loose the game otherwise. However you may find that you want/need to shoot more often than that, so running an anti cheating card is much more viable. I also run maxed out dudes which depending on your meta is not needed, I would recommend removing dulf if you find yourself needing/wanting more money in the early game. I hope this helps in some way or another.


Thanks very much for the replies! I think I will start with a shooting deck until I understand the game better. They all look great though. Thanks again!

Ahaha, Secret Tunnel - puppet combo is here. Good job dude^^

There are many reasons to not run a secret tunnel and only one to run it. But that reason is so glorious.

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Phantasm gives brilliant board positional control

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