How to get Doomtown at a convention?

Dreamtion 2016, in Morristown NJ, is roughly two months away. What does it take to get an organized Doomtown Reloaded tournament at a convention like this?

I have never been to a gaming convention, and would love to play some Doomtown there. By play, I really mean I would get wiped out in the first round, but still. It would be fun to give it a go!


I would reach out to the organizers of the convention and ask if anyone is running Doomtown or if they would be willing to let you run it.

I’ve done a lot of work for conventions and they love it when people reach out and volunteer to do things for them.


You can definitely volunteer hours at most conventions. Slot 4 hours for a tourney, and then also two 2-hour ‘larn to play’ slots before the tourney to teach DTR. You may have to spring for the OP kit, but that’s easy enough. Worst case, get a shop to order it for you and reimburse them - they are about $20 each - well worth it.

Thank you for the suggestions. At this point officiating a tournament is a scary prospect. I have only played two rounds of Doomtown and don’t even own all the factions yet. But come the summer convention, hopefully that will have changed.

The demo/intro sessions seem like a great idea. While there seem to be a handful of Doomtown players around northern NJ, none of the flgs have an established or regular Doomtown night. So community building events at conventions & flgs could help bring in new players.

Of course that means having more decks available. At least by having two core sets, I can provide 2x sloane and 2x law dog teaching decks, like the ones that Mysticpickle posted over on the dtdb site. Thank goodness for double sleeving my cards if I’m going to loan them out. :grinning:

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The main thing is to create a FUN experience for the players. OP kits are great and for a typical 8-12 player turnout, you can easily do an ‘everyone wins something’.

Test out any of the available bracket managers (Challonge and SwissRunner are free and easy to use).
The con site should have wi-fi - have a tablet/laptop with the FAQ/composite rules/ AEG rules forums - that should handle 99% of rules questions.

Demos - work out your patter/script ahead of time - Sloane/LD is the classic ‘black/white hats’

HAVE FUN! If you get hung up on specifics, keep asking.
Also, there are active players in NJ/Philly - hopefully some of them can chime in or better yet offer to show up/help.

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