How to play Deed Slide? And deck themes


As the game is winding down (nobody plays in my area except another buddy), I’m thinking of making every deck theme out there to make it a contained experience. Making several decks with one box copy of everything (and two cores) is difficult, but I don’t aim to be competitive. So far, I only have a Morgan horse deck, Law Dogs bounty deck, Sloane wanted deck, a Kung Fu deck and Fortress deck.

I think I’m only missing a deed slide deck? And I prefer to make it Morgan, as they are known for it. Does anyone have recommendations for one and more importantly…how do I play a deed deck (and win)?


There are others better versed than I, but lots and lots of deeds, cards that avoid shootouts or end them (make the smart choice, pistol whip) and dudes with easy but plentiful influence.

Seems like you’re missing blessed and 4th Ring Hucksters too. Anyway, typically a deed slide deck is going to forego any kind of shootout structure in favor of putting a crapton of deeds in. A deed slide deck will then use then use these deeds to produce a snowball effect of income and control points to eventually win the game. Decks like this can either go completely clubless to take advantage of cards like miasmatic purifier and, one time, even teleportation device, or they can add cards like pistol whip to be slightly more aggressive. You’ll want to start with several low cost, high influence dudes, such as Irving patterson and Jake Smiley. Out of town deeds with control points, though sparse are also a huge boon. The key to winning with a deed slide deck is to completely avoid shootouts, and to use the element of surprise to your advantage, as hopefully, by the time they realize what you’re doing, it’ll be far too late to stop it. The original Cattle Company outfit typically tips people off to this, so you could use an alternative outfit to get around this, but the MCC’s ability is probably too good to justify this. Removal is the bane of deed slide for what should be obvious reasons. You could run mad scientists to run cards that take advantage of your ridiculous income to outmaneuver the opponent, such as Mechanical Horse, but most mad scientist don’t contribute to your strategy of high influence, low cost dudes, so William Specks and Luck Borne are really some of the only options. You’ll also want enough starting GR to play a reasonable amount of deeds on the first turn. Hope this helps!strong text. P.S. Sorry for the wall of text.